Hey everybody, have you heard the news? Joe Bob is back in town! The Last Drive-In‘s fifth season has proven to be very interesting thus far. We moved back to the trailer park after last week’s season premiere of The Last Drive-In; which saw Joe Bob and Darcy in more of a talk show format. Whatever the rationale was for that, and I’m assuming it’s because the band took up the space; they’re back to their usual locale.

I’ll Take My Maibock In The Rocks

As many of you may recall from last year, The Last Drive-In Season 4 also featured a Walpurgisnacht night. Joe Bob instantly became a meme with his whole “I’m spry as f***” line. Alas, this year Darcy had some fun as she ran away mid-show; leaving Joe Bob with Yuki, which proved to be hilarious.

The two movies for this year’s Walpurgisnacht were Witchboard (1986) and The Devil’s Rain (1975).

May Catch Witches Eye But Not Much Else

Simply put, the movies on The Last Drive-In this week were a tad underwhelming. The first movie, Witchboard, played out interestingly enough. It had some awkward plot points and aside from a pre-music video Tawny Kitaen; never really caught my attention. The movie itself played out not too dissimilar to a Final Destination movie; with eerie deaths plaguing people with the question of who’s doing the killings. It never really resolved itself in an interesting manner.

The second film, The Devil’s Rain, featured some cool practical effects; and decent performances from Tom Skerritt (Alien, Top Gun) and William Shatner (Star Trek). However, the plot fizzled out quickly and left a lot to be desired.

Be Our Guest!

Keeping up with last week’s improvement in the number of guests; this saw an expert on Ouija boards come on to talk about Witchboard. It was interesting to get a lot of great insights into the board, its history, and its place in cinema. Again, Joe Bob has a great way to get interesting information out of his guests.

The Last Drive-In

For The Devil’s Rain, Joe Bob relied on old-fashioned behind-the-scenes trivia. including how the William Shatner mask used for the movie (as seen above) was later purchased and used for Michael Myer’s mask in Halloween!


All in all, this wasn’t the strongest episode of The Last Drive-In; but it held my interest enough for its nearly 5-6 hours of Mutant Family time. This coming Friday is Cinco De Mayo, and already Joe Bob has teased interesting things to come!

The Last Drive-in with Joe Bob Briggs airs live on Shudder TV on Fridays at 6 PM (PST); If you miss the live airing, episodes are archived and posted the following Sunday.

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