If you don’t want a mind flayer to be used on you, you should probably watch the episode before reading.

So Axe Woves wasn’t the spy that the last episode mentioned. Could it be the Armorer? We’ll have to find out as the episode goes on.

Grogu is here to save the day, and Din! No matter how many times I see it, Grogu in the IG suit will still be adorable. Din lays out the plan; they have to take out Moff Gideon.

Din is a brutal fighter in combat. This might be the closest thing we’ll get to John Wick in Star Wars. We don’t normally get this kind of physical violence like Din throwing the knife into a Dark Trooper’s neck. That’s juxtaposed with R-5 and the mouse droids. Some violence with your comedy.

So Gideon is trying to clone himself and add to that the soiled pants for everyone watching in the dark at midnight or wherever you are with that jump scare. We’re getting everything in this episode.

Well, that’s one of the coolest visuals in modern Star Wars. The two groups flying jetpacks at one another, Mandalorians vs. Dark Troopers. Give it up to Jon Favreau, Dave Filoni, and Rick Famuyiwa.

No wonder Moff Gideon wanted the Darksaber. He’s a poser that wants to be a Jedi. And holy crap, he just broke it.

No Betrayals Here, But Din Is Officially A Dad

Was that finale as gigantic and betrayal-filled as we all expected? No. Was it still awesome? Yes. It didn’t feel as big as the season two finale, but nothing is ever going to top that. This one, however, gave us some interesting stories going forward. Din Djarin and Grogu are going to hunt down Imperial remnants in the Outer Rim for the New Republic. That does two things, it gives us some story ideas for season four, and it gives us the reason why they would run into Grand Admiral Thrawn. We’re not getting him until Ahsoka releases later this year though.

I know people are going to be disappointed by what transpired. But this episode had some excellent moments, especially with Bo-Katan and Din. Bo-Katan got to redeem herself and Mandalore for Moff Gideon taking over. The forge of Mandalore has been lit once again, and they’re on their way to rebuilding the planet to its once glory.

This won’t be the last we see of Din and Grogu, but if it was, that’s a fitting sendoff for them and The Mandalorian. There wasn’t a post-credits scene or anything like that, because it didn’t need it. We know where the shows are going. We just have to get there.

So, while we didn’t get a betrayal from The Armorer, we did get Moff Gideon getting roasted, Bo-Katan being utterly badass, and IG-11 is back as the Marshall of Navarro. This was an enjoyable, if a bit small feeling, finale for The Mandalorian season three. They ended it ambiguously. We didn’t get a trailer for something coming next, but it still left me satisfied.

FOR MANDALORE. This is the way.

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