Amazon Studios is looking to use the MGM film library to amp up its current streaming offerings. Last year, Amazon purchased MGM and its extensive film library for $8.5 billion. Deadline reports that they’ve been going through the library of titles to find ones that would fit their new streaming and film development strategy.

Some of the titles listed for development include Robocop, Stargate, Legally Blonde, Fame, Barbershop, The Magnificent Seven, Pink Panther, and The Thomas Crown Affair. In addition to this, Amazon has been reaching out to different filmmakers and creatives about working on some of these IPs.

They’re going myriad ways with this development. Some are getting TV shows, some are movies, and the bigger ones are getting both film and TV treatment. They use Legally Blonde as an example of one that is getting developed for both TV and movies. Robocop and Stargate are both listed as being developed for movies and TV. Fame, Barbershop, and The Magnificent Seven are listed as being in active development for TV series.

Outside of these movies and IP from MGM, Amazon has been investing big into other franchises hoping to strike gold. They have plans for a Creed universe spanning TV and movies with Michael B. Jordan. They’ve signed Sylvester Stallone and his Balboa Productions company for film and TV projects as well.

One big franchise that they currently have no plans for is James Bond. Outside of an unscripted reality series, there aren’t any plans for the biggest IP they own.

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Source: Deadline

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