Lance Reddick: The Why of His Passing?

Lance Reddick in 'Fringe' (2008).
Rest in peace, man. We’ll miss you.

TMZ has managed to get ahold of Lance Reddick’s death certificate, thus explaining what he died of. According to said death certificate: the official cause of death was “Ischemic Heart Disease” and “Atherosclerotic Coronary Artery Disease”. Simply put: Lance Reddick died of heart failure. It seems that all signs point to a natural death at the still fairly young age of 60. No sign of any foul play here. It was just Reddick’s time to pass on to the next life.

Or at least, so we thought. In a new report by Entertainment Weekly (EW), Lance Reddick’s own family are disputing the cause of death. A lawyer representing them is claiming that the official cause of death on that death certificate is “not a result of an autopsy” and is “inconsistent with the facts known to the family”. Apparently, not a single autopsy or medical examination was ever performed on Lance Reddick to determine that cause of death. Furthermore, Reddick exercised daily in his home gym, practiced “extensive cardio work”, and ate a “strict diet”. Thus, his family found the cause of death to be more than a little suspicious. We’ll just have to see what happens next in this case. Tune back into THS later to find out more about Lance Reddick’s cause of death if we do.

Lance Reddick: Details

Lance Reddick was an American actor and musician born on June 7, 1962. His acting career began in 2002 when the HBO crime drama series The Wire casted him in the role of Cedric Daniels.

Unfortunately, crime dramas are still not my thing.

Lance Reddick’s career only took off from there. He joined the cast of Lost in 2008 in the role of Matthew Abaddon. Also in 2008, Reddick managed to land a big role in the sci-fi series Fringe as Philip Broyles.

Basically: what if SCP Foundation was a TV series?

Lance Reddick’s career wasn’t just in TV series though. He was also a film star, beginning with Great Expectations in 1998 in the role of Anton Le Farge. However, his film career really took off when he was cast as Charon in John Wick in 2014.

We’ll miss Charon almost as much as we miss John Wick’s first puppy.

However, Lance Reddick’s career didn’t just extend only to TV series and films. He also lent his talent towards video games as well. Most notably: he played Commander Zavala in the Destiny games, and Sylens in both Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West. In fact, the upcoming Burning Shores DLC expansion will be the last time we ever see Lance Reddick play Sylens posthumously. In any case, we will miss Reddick dearly in all the roles he played.

Sylens was an ambiguously moral bastard, but he was our bastard. We’ll miss him.

Source: TMZ, Entertainment Weekly