Lucasfilm’s Studio Showcase at Star Wars Celebration 2023 was filled with plenty of surprise announcements about new movies and shows. The most shocking of these revelations is that Rey will be the center of the next Star Wars film from Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy. She’s directing a script from Steven Knight that will focus on Rey as she builds a new Jedi Order. We also saw a trailer for Ahsoka and got more details about The Acolyte, another series starring a female character. Guess what, boys? WOMEN EXIST.

Naturally, the less desirable portion of Star Wars fandom leaped into action crying fragile tears about how there are too many women. “Where’s the Star Wars of our youth?”

Well, here’s the thing, not only is this next film going to focus on Rey as she builds a new Jedi Order, it’s going to be directed by a woman, a woman of color at that. So whatever fragile male feelings they had before, they can double down on those. Or they can just not watch the movies and TV shows and enjoy the things they do enjoy. It’s okay not to like Star Wars anymore.

But, because these shitheads know that they won’t be culturally relevant if they don’t watch it and immediately hate everything Lucasfilm puts out, they continue on with the same tired excuses.

It’s Quite An Easy Solution

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Looking at Star Wars during the period since Disney purchased Lucasfilm, we’ve had five movies, a new era on Disney+, and plenty of future projects like the ones mentioned above. The kind of person who doesn’t like it has had plenty of time to jump off the ship and go on to something else. I’d say go watch Star Trek, but they have even more women in power than Star Wars currently does. So for the fragile manbaby out there, there aren’t really a lot of other options. You can either get over your fear of women, or you can endlessly rewatch the stuff from the 70s and 80s. Which also happens to have female leads that are powerful.

This whole topic has been pounded into the ground on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and wherever else. These people get violently angry any time a woman speaks up, gets a part, shows any sort of power, or does really anything other than “look pretty”. Take Brie Larson for instance. Do you know why the manbabies hate her? It’s not because of Captain Marvel, or really not. It’s because she spoke out saying that persons of color need to get more opportunities.

Not even bringing back an AI-generated Luke Skywalker in the season two finale of The Mandalorian can appease these people.

It’s Part Of A Greater Problem In Entertainment

(credit: Disney/Lucasfilm)

This all connects back to the negativity-circle jerk we currently have going on the internet. Whether it’s Marvel, DC, Star Wars, video games, horror movies, or anything else, negativity sells. Thumbnails with frowning morons with overexaggerated thumbs down and text in big white bold letters saying “THIS SUCKS”, “WHY DID THEY MAKE THIS?”, or “MY FRAGILE EGO IS SHOWING” get your eyeballs on the video. Once you open it and it’s a frothing loser sitting in front of a purple backlight, the illusion wears off. But it’s designed to make you mad, and they know that. Some of these people might actually believe the grift, but most of them don’t.

That negativity comes from whatever it may be, CinemaSins being nitpicking assclowns before everyone else; who knows. What I do know is that it’s incredibly easy to just not watch this stuff if you don’t like it. Find something you do like, but in the case of these people frothing at the mouth about Rey coming back, they might not like anything at all.

So when it comes time to watch the latest Star Wars stuff, if you don’t like women, maybe sit this one out.

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