Apple TV+ makes its first pin in the world of Professional Wrestling. The new Monster Factory series which will be available starting March 17th is the perfect point of view for anyone who wants to learn what it takes to become a successful Independent Wrestler. The first season is just the right amount of time to invest into a new show.

It is a six-episode series with each episode being about roughly 30 minutes. This gives the viewer the right amount of time as it is not too long or has any filler. The cast in the season are all fantastic and for the most part, are the driving force behind the series.

Just some of the legends to have come from Monster Factory

Danny Cage, the head trainer really is the backbone of the show. He gives off the vibe that most of us who follow wrestling would expect from a head trainer. He is firm in his way of teaching and really shows throughout the show that he wants to give them the best learning experience possible along with always encouraging the roster to follow their dreams and goals.

The Main Players Of Monster Factory

Each cast member has their own moments to shine throughout the series. For me personally, the two standouts are Notorious Mimi and Twitch. Mimi started in the factory and dedicated herself to her dreams of signing with a major company. Not to get into any spoilers from the series. It was an absolute highlight to watch her story unfold and take the turns it did as within just one episode you catch your cheering for her.

Lucas DiSangro, who on the series goes by Twitch will be one of the true breakaway stars of the series. If you catch yourself rooting for Mimi you will definitely be rooting for Twitch. He turned what some would call a weakness/hinder into a strength. His episode will truly show what it means to follow your dreams and just because you have what some call a weakness, doesn’t mean that you give up what you want to make out of your life.

The series overall is a great peek behind the curtain for what it is to become a professional wrestler. The trials and tribulations are real. The injuries are real, and the friendships are real. I am glad that Apple TV+ and Monster Factory found each other as this first season delivers on all aspects of a documentary. Thank you for peeling open a new layer within the wrestling business and for anyone who either watches wrestling, documentaries, or likes stories of achievements. This series is for you.

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