San Diego Comicon has kicked off as has the inside scoop on movie due out shortly as well as months down the road. One of the first panels up was the panel for Terminator: Dark Fate. The biggest news coming out of this panel is that not only will John Conner return for this movie, but he will be played by none other than the original John Conner actor – Edward Furlong.

Arnold at todays TERMINATOR: Dark Fate panel at Hall H.

James Cameron was not physically present, but he transmitted from the Avatar Set. It was James who spilled the beans on the return of the original John Conner. John Conner has been present in all of the Terminator movies save the first one obviously. Each time a different actor portrayed him. This will be the first repeat performance.

Once Cameron got his hands back on the rights to the franchise, he was adamant about returning to the roots of the franchise, which meant the original characters. Linda Hamilton was the centerpiece to this relaunch, which will ignore every movie after T2: Judgement Day. Apparently, getting Edward Furlong back was also part of returning to the roots.

We know nothing about the role. Edward could be in a flashback, showing his fate and the shift in the focus of the movie to the little girl, or he could be in the whole movie to help the little girl to whatever role is intended. Honestly, I’d bet he isn’t in the movie for more than the beginning, or the importance of the little girl fades. No matter the length, it will be good to have him back.

Later on, Director Tim Miller made the following comment when he read the project:

“Do I want a sixth Terminator? No. At least, not without LInda Hamilton and this is her movie.”

Tim Miller, Director

While this is the sixth entry into the franchise, fans should consider this T3. The Terminators directed by