Ultra Pro has launched their first products in collaboration with Critical Role.

Now, this new collection has character folios, card sleeves, deck boxes, and even a really awesome dice tray. And have images for all of the new products.

Starting off with the character folios, these are perfect for your character sheets and spell cards in them. There are 7 different designs and a premium version that all look incredible.

We also got a deck box and card sleeves released as well. The design on the box and sleeves are the same, and if you have the USAopoly puzzle, these will match nicely.

If you have been needing a new playmat for either the Pokemon TCG or Magic: The Gathering, will there are 3 different designs to choose from. But =, it might be hard to choose, because they are all incredible.

Finally, there are 2 products that are set to be coming soon. Both are themed to Campaign 3, and one is a dice tower. And the other is a dice tray.

Everything is available to view on Ultra PRO’s website. Some things may be sold out, so you just need to check before choosing what you are looking to buy.

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