Did you know that British cookbook writer Kim-Joy (finalist of Great British Bake Off 2018 and winner of Bake Off‘s New Year 2022 special) wrote a graphic novel alongside Indonesian artist Alti Firmansyah simply called Turtle Bread? Well, it seems that Amazon and Dark Horse really wants to make sure everyone knows about it. Why else would they be announcing and releasing it?

Turtle Bread: As Tasty as It Looks?

'Turtle Bread' cover art.
There’s something almost…shojo-ey about the art style.

Kim-Joy (Baking with Kim-Joy, Celebrate with Kim-Joy, Christmas with Kim-Joy, Bake Me a Cat) is proud to announce her new graphic novel Turtle Bread. Written in cooperation with artist Alti Firmansyah (Star Lord & Kitty Pride, Goliath Girls, X-Men ’92, Marvel Voices: Identity), letterer Joamette Gil, designer Cindy Leong, and editors Felix Horne and Allison O’Toole; this graphic novel seems to basically be a slice of life story revolving around a baking club. But with a focus on mental health drawing upon Kim-Joy’s own experience in the mental health field and her own struggles with mental health.

Turtle Bread is a book about self-awareness. It’s about that feeling of loneliness, of not fitting in or feeling good enough, of self-criticism, and the path towards self-acceptance. This is explored through baking, and in particular, the symbolism of the turtle–coming out of its shell and moving forward; however slowly that may be. Hence: Turtle Bread! (And yes, there’s actual turtle themed bread! Plus loads of other recipes). It’s NOT a magical story about how baking and friendship fix everything, but a story about the small steps forward (and sometimes sideways and backwards) gradually adding up.


So where and when can you purchase copies of Turtle Bread? Well, the graphic novel will be available for digital download on May 2, 2023 on Amazon’s ComiXology. Just in time for Mental Health Awareness Month to boot. If you want physical print copies of the graphic novel though, then you will have to wait until October 3, 2023. Fortunately, both Amazon and Dark Horse Books will be selling it though. With Dark Horse still publishing in both cases, of course.