If you’re into Call of Duty or you’re into 80’s action films, you’re in for a treat. The trio of Call of Duty games: (Black Ops Cold War, Warzone, Mobile) are adding John Rambo and John McClane. In addition to those operators you’re getting special camos and weapon skins. Check them out below!

Call of Duty

The Rambo and John McClane bundles will be available in the Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Store from May 19th at 9PM PT to June 18th at 9PM PT.

Also note that these will be brand new Call of Duty Operators; not reskins for previously released Operators.

That’s not the only 80’s movie themed item coming to the game though.

Nakatomi Plaza Is In Warzone

Heading downtown anytime soon in Verdansk? Well you’d be remiss not to try to get into a Christmas party at the top of Nakatomi Plaza. This is the tallest structure that we’ve ever seen in Verdansk. With five floors to work with, this should be a sniper’s paradise. If you’re lucky, you might just crack the vault and see what riches are in store.

On launch for the midseason event, we’re getting the same survival camps from Rambo: First Blood Part II.

Call of Duty

Find ten of these camps and you might walk out with a special loadout reward or the dogtags of your fallen comrades.

So if you’re a fan of 80’s action, this event is surely for you.

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Source: Call of Duty Blog