If Magic Mike’s Last Dance wasn’t enough for you, let me introduce you to Perfect Addiction. The upcoming film stars Kianan Madeira (Fear Street) as MMA trailer Sienna. So, Sienna feels she and her champion fighter boyfriend Jax (Matthew Noszka) are the perfect team. That is until she catches him cheating with her own SISTER!

Now, Sienna is out for revenge and finds the one man she believes is capable of dethroning Jax. His Archnemesis Kayden (Ross Butler), of course. I’m so ready. Perfect Addiction is based on the incredibly popular Wattpad web novel by Claudia Tan with over 86 million reads. Wattpad WEBTOON Studios has worked with Netflix, Sony Pictures Television, Crunchyroll, The Jim Henson Company, Vertigo Entertainment, Constantin Film, Penguin Random House, as well as many other leaders in entertainment and publishing.


Perfect Addiction is being released for a special two-night Fathom Event on Monday, March 27th, and Wednesday, March 29th. Tickets can be found here.



MMA trainer Sienna thinks that she and champion boyfriend Jax are the perfect team. That is, until the day she discovers him cheating on her with her own sister. Bent on revenge, Sienna starts training the one man capable of dethroning Jax: his arch-nemesis Kayden. What begins as payback quickly turns into something much more heated as boundaries are blurred and workouts get steamy. Based on the wildly popular Wattpad webnovel by Claudia Tan with over 86 million reads. 

The film stars Kiana Madeira, Ross Butler (Riverdale), Matthew Noszka, Bree Winslow, Nicholas Duvernay (Purple Hearts), and Manu Bennett (Arrow). Directing is After series director, Castille Landon. The Screenplay is by Stephanie Sanitz and is based on the Wattpad webnovel by Claudia Tan.

So, if you can’t make the Fathom Event, Perfect Addiction will be on Prime Video on March 24th!