The next episode of Lopez vs Lopez on NBC is going to the dogs… and guest star Caroline Rhea!

Rhea will appear on an upcoming episode titled “Lopez vs Appropriation,” and we’ve got your first look at how she’ll shake things up for the Lopez crew. The clip sees the return of Rhea’s character Jana, a pushy rich lady at Mayan’s vet. Jana offers to sell Mayan’s handmade dog beds at her boutique… but then doubles the price and takes full credit for them. (Uh oh).

Check out an exclusive first look at Rhea’s guest appearance on Lopez vs Lopez below.

Lopez vs Lopez is a working-class family comedy about dysfunction, reconnection, and all the pain and joy in between. The cast includes George Lopez, Mayan Lopez, Selenis Leyva, Brice Gonzalez, Matt Shively, and Laci Mosley (recurring). The series comes from showrunner Debby Wolfe (One Day At A Time, The Conners). 

Rhea is best known for her role as Hilda Spellman in the Sabrina the Teenage Witch series. (A role she briefly reprised for an appearance in Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.) She also lent her voice to the Disney series Phineas and Ferb, and appeared in films like The Perfect Man and Christmas with the Kranks.

Lopez vs Lopez airs Fridays on NBC at 8pm ET/PT. You can also stream the episodes the next day on Peacock.

Rhea’s episode “Lopez vs Appropriation” will premiere February 17.

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