It’s time for a new issue of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! With that huge WTF at the end of issue #103, followed by the heavy backstory in #104, we get back to the huge reveal that Alpha-1 is back, and he’s PISSED!

Omega Again!

As Kevor and Zack train, Trini watches on. Kevor reminds them of their time with their adopted daughter Journey and it leads to some interesting panels. Trini hilariously breaks the tension, spilling the fact that she and Jason were a thing. They are en route and about to land at the last known location of The Death Ranger.

In the Here and the Now

Alpha-1 having emerged out of the tattered Red Omega Zord goes to TOWN on Kim and the new Stone Canyon Rangers. (Well, at least new to him.) Adam even gets a good one-liner and a quick hit. What happens next… we will see after we talk about…

Stranger in the Ranger House

Tommy is healing in the Med Bay with the unmasked and disfigured Zedd beside him. Seems the new White Ranger powers have remarkable properties. Tommy and Billy have a bit of a heart-to-heart about Billy’s role, worried that he could be leaving too.


Like I was saying, Alpha-1 is just kicking some spandex butt. Even if he didn’t need to, he fused with part of the Red Omegazord and leveled up. Before you know it, Yale comes in and pounces in with the Blue Omegazord. The two go head-to-head, but Alpha-1 has the advantage. Fear not, Zordon’s rangers brought Thunder Zord Power! Combining with the Blue Omegazord. Finally, it seemed like a fair fight because Alpha-1 wasn’t programmed for this configuration. Super-Sized Alpha-1 was literally chopped down to size, with Trini making the final blow displacing his head from his body.

The veteran lady rangers go to a cave to catch up a bit and start to download to each other what has been going on for each of their respective teams. They turn to Alpha-1’s disembodied head for information. Like any basic supervillain crony, he rants about how he will win and his master and the usual POSTHUMUS EXPOSITIONAL SPEECH. Kim ain’t got no time for that as she throws his severed head into a fire.

Apparently, the Black and Yellow Omegas were being held by an old Master Arch. The Putties are searching for some sort of relic. Rocky, Aisha, and Adam free the rangers and return them to the Omegas ship, taking back their Morphers and whatever items the Putties found.

Back at the Cave, you can see that Mistress Vile’s magic is attempting to repair Alpha-1. The girls begin teleporting and Alpha-1’s slithering wires siphon off the teleport energy to repair the psychotic bot.

Back on the ship everyone gets back together, and hugs all around, but Xi notices the ancient piece of tech. Looking much like a combination of an old compass and astrolabe, he declares it’s an Ancient Morphin Grid Navigator.

Lastly, we see in the corners a newly fixed Alpha-1 communicating with Mistress Vile that he failed but has a plan! After combining with the Red Omegazord he has some insight into the team’s next move.

Thoughts from THE GRID

Well, I’m excited to see the Omega Rangers back, to say the least! The new art style took a minute to adjust to, but it works. The quick cut back to five days ago is nice, just so we can see what leads up to what is going on. I understand the connection Trini and Zack have because of being parents together. However, I’m not entirely sure if I want to see a budding romance or awkwardness between them.

Having my boy Yale come in and get the new combo, HELL YEAH! With the placement of the Thunderzords, it all made sense, I’m guessing Kim’s Zord made the belt? And where did the large-scale copy of Omega Red’s sword come from? The adaptability of the Omegazords can lead to some great combos. I hope we see something interesting down the road. They need to fix the naming situation. The new Omega Blue Thunder Omegazord = MOUTHFUL! I think it should have been called Blue Thunder Omegazord, just drop the extra Omega. You could even try Thunder Omegazord MODE BLUE.

I think this is the first time we’ve seen an Omega Cockpit too! With handsome Yale in the main pilot seat. Aisha cracking a great joke too! You can notice the MMPR rangers’ consoles have a different design on the front than Yale’s. Makes you wonder if they were Omegas, would they all match? Either way, gets two opposable thumbs up from me.

The BEST part was nodding to Power Rangers Universe! So those who didn’t jump from the main story know where Missy is coming from. I recommend getting the hardcover version with all the awesome extra artwork.

These first five issues under Missy Flores have been leading up to the next big issue in March. #106 is slated to be a huge issue! I can’t wait to share it with you all Ranger Nation.

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