Is “Willem Dafoe descends into madness” your preferred cinematic universe? Then we have the movie for you. Get ready for Inside from Focus Features.

In the upcoming psychological horror flick, Dafoe plays Nemo, an art thief. He attempts to steal from a fancy New York penthouse, but the heist doesn’t go as planned. Nemo finds himself trapped inside the penthouse, abandoned by his cohorts in crime and unable to contact the outside world. Locked in with nothing but priceless works of art, he must use all his cunning and invention to survive.

You don’t often see a survival story set indoors. Or, for that matter, many movies with (apparently) only one character. Combine that with Dafoe’s acting chops, and it seems like we’re in for an interesting story with Inside. The trailer seems to offer plenty of intrigue for how this one will play out.

Focus Features released the official poster for the film today. You can check it out below.

Inside comes from writer Ben Hopkins and director Vasilis Katsoupis. The film’s executive producers include Katsoupis, Jim Stark, Konstantinos Kontovrakis, Charles E. Breitkreuz, Martin Lehwald, Jean-Claude, Van Rijckeghem, and Stephen Kelliher.

Inside premieres in theaters March 10. Until then, check back to THS for more updates.

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