Drifting Home seems to be a light-hearted and more wholesome version of the manga The Drifting Classroom (1972). How do I know this? Well, Netflix has just released a new teaser trailer for this anime film, is how. Don’t believe me? Then check it out below:

The YOS Apartment Complex Casts Off?!

I don’t think apartment buildings can float like that, but what do I know?

Netflix has just released this new teaser trailer for Drifting Classroom on YouTube. In addition to giving us a look at the plot and setting, we get also get some news as to when we’ll get to see this anime film. Apparently, this anime film will premiere on September 16, 2022 on Netflix. As of this writing, that’s less than 5 months away, so you have a bit of time to get hyped about it before it premieres.

As with all other Netflix titles, Drifting Classroom will be a Netflix exclusive. If you want to watch it, you’ll have to shell out money for a Netflix account. It’s unfortunate that Netflix has chosen to recently raise its prices, but that’s the works.

Drifting Home: Details

"Drifting Home" key art.
Just keep sailing, and forget that you’re floating on something that was never meant to float.

Drifting Home will be the 3rd feature-length anime film from Studio Colorido (Penguin Highway, A Whisker Away, Star Wars: Visions – “Tatooine Rhapsody”). The anime film will feature Hiroyasu Ishida (Penguin Highway) as the director, with him and Hayashi Mori working on the screenplay. ZUTOMAYO will perform both the theme song and the insert song. The film will premiere in the original Japanese audio with English subtitles, thus you will get to hear the voice talents of Mutsumi Tamura, Asami Seto, Daiki Yamashita, Yumiko Kobayashi, Inori Minase, and Kana Hanazawa during this anime film.

As for what Drifting Home is about? Well, Netflix has helpfully provided us with a synopsis for this anime film. Check it out below:

“Raised like brother and sister, Kosuke and Natsume have been friends since childhood, but their relationship begins to strain in sixth grade after Kosuke’s grandfather Yasutsugu passes away.  One day during their summer vacation, Kosuke and his classmates sneak into an apartment complex that is scheduled to be demolished, and rumored to be haunted. Both Kosuke and Natsume grew up there, so the place holds a lot of memories for them. There, Kosuke stumbles into Natsume and is asked if he knows about the mysterious Noppo.

But suddenly, they get caught up in a mysterious phenomenon. When they regain consciousness, they see a vast ocean before them. As the apartment complex drifts in a mysterious sea with Kosuke and the others on board, they band together to try and survive. There are tears and fights, and maybe even reconciliation. Will they be able to return to their previous world? A summer farewell journey begins…”

Source: Netflix YouTube