After all the emotional baggage from last issue, we take another hard turn into Mistress Vile’s origin in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #104.

With Matt being captured and being tortured, Rita starts on this strange parallel backstory to convince Matt to give in.

We get this awesome double page spread. The savvy reader will notice the conical shape of the panels above, and how they match the dumpster. Was this some sort self inflicted phycological trauma she was going through while imprisoned? Or was this caused by the dumpster itself?!

Space Pirates to the Rescue?

Page Courtesy of BOOM! Studios
Page Courtesy of BOOM! Studios

Divatox, having “freed” Rita, goes on to tell her that it wasn’t just random chance they found her. Apparently they were on a bounty from Master Vile to find Rita. With Rita having been returned, Master Vile joyously has a feast in honor of his daughters return. Master Vile has found a new vessel for Dark Spector. Rita objects and reminds him of the failed attempts before including her Half-Brother Rito.

Master Vile goes on to explain he’s found the perfect vessel, Alpha-1. Rita objects as the robot is exactly that – a robot – and has no soul to corrupt. As Alpha -1 escorts the Empress of Evil to her quarters, Rita flat out explains to the Psycho-bot that all he really is doing is projecting some sort of daddy issues from being abandoned by Zordon on to Master Vile.

When Master Vile travels to the Planet Infernus he presents his new vessel to Dark Spector. Dark Spector in kind calls Master Vile out on his incompetence. Rita steps up and asks that SHE take over the role as Dark Spector’s “Vile,” as she can’t be a suitable vessel. A short battle between father and daughter ensues. Just when you think Rita is about to commits fratricide, Alpha1 has the final blow.

Rita then takes all of her father’s memories and again asks to become the new VILE, adding that she has a new vessel ready for him. Dark Spector honors the request and give Rita her birthright thus transforming her into Mistress Vile.

Hell Freezes Over

After the events on Infernus, Rita takes off and heads for a planet named Bizerk. It’s a dynamic shift in scenery from the last planet. All around is a frozen tundra and inside a block of ice is a silhouetted being that is an integral part of Rita’s Master plan.

Rita now uses her twisted backstory to show Matt that he and her have always been second choice and how it’s time for him to become good enough…


WOW. What an issue. With so many callbacks and to finally get the why and how Rita transformed. Once AGAIN Misty Flores’ worldbuilding is keeping us on the edge of our seat!

Seeing the diva Divato and her crew was great, and I like to see how she has been threaded into the story back from Astronema’s backstory in Power Rangers Unlimited into the RECHARGED era.

Kudos also goes to the awesome double page spread. If you get this digitally, make sure you are reading in two page mode. It makes a lot more sense that way. I found that out from experience.

Villainously Vile Covers

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