Avatar: The Way Of Water has crossed the threshold of $1 Billion in global ticket sales in just 14 days. That’s the fastest movie to cross that line in 2022 and the fastest since Spider-Man: No Way Home did it in 12 days last year. Only six movies have cleared $1 billion in their first two weeks of release. That’s some hallowed ground for box office numbers, particularly numbers in an environment like the one at the box office right now. Between Winter Storm Elliot and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Avatar: The Way Of Water still got over that hump.

It’s also a landmark for a box office that has plenty of successes in 2022, but only three movies have crossed the billion-dollar mark: Top Gun: Maverick, Jurassic World Dominion, and now Avatar: The Way Of Water. The sequel to the once highest-grossing film of all time opened with $134 million in the US and $435 million globally. The film looks to seize a light film slate in January of 2023 to keep the momentum going. James Cameron said that the movie needs to cross $2 billion to break even, but insiders are saying that figure is closer to $1.5 billion with marketing and everything factored in.

The box office total for The Way Of Water has a lot riding on it, because of the planned sequels in the future. Avatar 3 has already been filmed, with about a quarter of Avatar 4 also in the can. If this movie bombed, those plans would likely change, and only Avatar 3 would get released. With success like this, we’re likely getting more Avatar sequels down the line.

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