2022 has been a strange year for movies. We had one foot in the door of a return to normalcy but still had one foot in the door of COVID-19 issues at the box office. Whether it was horror movies, superhero movies, big-budget tentpole films, smaller films, or two separate multiverse-breaking films, we had so much variety among streaming and theatrical releases. Here is the THS Staff picks with a consensus ‘Best Movie Of 2022’ at the end.

Hunter Bolding – THS Writer, Lead Editor

After a second viewing, I realized I didn’t give Nope a high enough score. It’s one of the deepest, frightening, triumphant, and spectacular films of the year. Jordan Peele crafted a summer blockbuster and sprinkled pieces of all the classics alongside a tremendous love of moviemaking and the search for truth.

Hunter on Nope

Sarah Carey – THS Writer/Reporter

While it seems odd to have a Holiday movie at the top of my list, Violent Night hits everything you could want in a movie. It has a great story, fantastic characters, amazing acting, with tons of action that lead to creative deaths, mixed with a dash of silliness.

Sarah on Violent Night

Jessica Lancaster – THS Senior Writer

Michelle Yeoh in the Golden Globe nominated film Everything Everywhere All at Once

Multiverse movies have been hot lately, but no one pulled off a multiverse as complex, emotional, unpredictable, and hilarious as Everything Everywhere All At Once. Michelle Yeoh is a national treasure. Jamie Lee Curtis is now my favorite final girl and my favorite tax lady. Stephanie Hsu is iconic and unforgettable, and I want to give Ke Huy Quan a hug and say “Thank you.” I’ve personally recommended this movie to at least a dozen people with incredibly varied tastes, and every single one of them has loved it. It made me ugly cry in a theater, and laugh out loud, and call my mom, and look at everything bagels very differently. If you haven’t seen it, watch it. If you have, watch it again. I know I will.

Jess On Everything,Everywhere All At Once

Greg Evans – THS Writer

Top Gun: Maverick is how a sequel movie should be done. Even with the huge gap between the two films the storytelling did not skip a beat. Also, the directors and writers put in the right amount of nostalgia to keep the old memories alive without killing the new story.

Greg on Top Gun: Maverick

Travis Slone – THS Writer

2469353 - BULLET TRAIN

 I’ve been a fan of Martin McDonagh’s work for some time now. Seven Pyschopaths and In Bruges are two of my favorite dark-comedy films. Banshees reunites McDonagh with Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson, both of whom are outstanding in the film. Especially Farrell who is generating Oscar buzz for his role. While this outing is a bit darker overall than Burges and Psychopaths, it is an excellent film

Travis on The Banshees Of Insherin

Junior Felix – THS Editor In Chief

I had an idea what to expect going into Guillermo Del Toro’s Pinocchio, but I was way off. Del Toro takes you on a beautiful, dramatic and emotional trip. From the beautiful songs, the wonderful cast and the bond and love between a father and his son. I could watch this Pinocchio for years to come.

Junior on Guillermo Del Toro’s Pinocchio

Shawn Jackson – THS Writer, Lost In The Reel

everything everywhere all at once michelle yeoh

I will never look at everything bagels… or googly eyes… or raccoons… or hot dogs… or job appreciation trophies… or rocks
the same again. And I thank Everything Everywhere All At Once for that. The Daniels’ magnum opus is an absolute masterpiece and a film that I will cherish for the rest of my lifetime.

Shawn on Everything Everywhere All At Once

THS Movie Of The Year 2022- Top Gun: Maverick

Top Gun: Maverick

In a year of great movies, Top Gun: Maverick might have just saved the box office over the summer. After tabulating all our contributor’s lists, there was one movie that made it across all of them, Top Gun: Maverick. It was a titanic film that might’ve redefined or reinvented what it means to be a blockbuster. Tom Cruise and Co. made a movie that somehow satisfied nearly everyone across the spectrum of moviegoers. It brought in massive amounts of money at the box office alongside critical acclaim. Other movies like Nope, Everything Everywhere All At Once, and The Batman made it on plenty of lists, but just barely lost out to Maverick.

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