It appears that, among other series, HBO Max has revealed when we’re going to see the 4th season of Harley Quinn. Really, the only bad part of this news is how vague they are with the release window. After all, when said release window spans an entire year, the actual release date could be anywhere from January to December.

Harley’s Rather Brief Appearance?

Great news, but we only care about 1 of these announcements for the purposes of this story.

HBO Max recently posted a new trailer announcing various releases for the streaming platform on their official YouTube channel. However, for the purposes of this article, we will be focusing only on 1 of these announcements in particular. That announcement occurs right at 2:25, where HBO Max officially gives us the release window for Harley Quinn season 4 by virtue of the 2023 release window for every series in the trailer.

Unfortunately, the clip for Harley Quinn season 4 only lasted a brief second. Seriously, the clip was literally a second long. It was an amusing second though. The clip showed the titular Harley riding what appears to be a Joker chariot pulled by a pair of spotted hyenas. The chariot itself seems to depict a very dead Joker, judging by the crossed out eyes. It’s a nice metaphor for their very dead relationship in this series. I do wonder about why Harley seems to be riding through a ruined cityscape with a crazed grin on her face though. Alas, that second-long clip isn’t going to tell us anything more.

Harley Quinn: Release Window Speculations

"Harley Quinn" season 4 announcement art.
Alas, you 2 might want to curb your enthusiasm for now.

And even more unfortunately, that 2023 release window for Harley Quinn season 4 is incredibly vague. With no specification of the release month, this critically acclaimed adult animated dark comedy superhero/supervillain series could see a release anywhere from January to December 2023. Although, I think we can safely rule out January or February. Especially given that HBO Max‘s release schedule for those months makes no mention of Harley Quinn. And given how late in the HBO Max trailer that second-long clip appeared, we might be looking at a release window for the show very late in 2023. I wouldn’t be surprised at a Q3/Q4 release window for the show. Unfortunately, this is pure speculation for now barring any official explanation from HBO Max. Tune back in to THS later to find out more about the exact debut date of Harley Quinn date when we do.