If you’re tired of people like me writing about James Gunn‘s comments about DC’s new direction, trust me, so am I. However, in a new post about the kind of treatment that he and Peter Safran have gotten from “fans” of DC since the new regime took over, he also clarified some recasting or casting for the future DC Universe.

You can read all of James’s thread right here; it’s an interesting insight into how he and Peter will do the job, and just how much input they’ll consider from the less savory fans out there. *SPOILER ALERT* It’s zero.

As for any sort of spin here, let’s face the facts, nobody really knows what the future of DC holds, besides the principal players. Peter Safran, James Gunn, David Zaslav, and maybe a handful of others. We’ve seen reports from rock-solid sources debunked, and we’ve seen other people trying to meddle with the news cycle to shape the narrative to their own image. We’ll just have to wait and see. In this new era of DC, James Gunn looks like he’s going to be as transparent as possible regarding all things DC.

I understand just how disappointed some people might be that certain actors are being recast or dropped from the DC Universe, but that just means we’ll have new ones to fall in love with. That disappointment can quickly turn into excitement in an instant. For the films that we still have left to go, they could still end up being really fun. It’s just about framing your expectations and realizing that not every film has to be connected to an expanded universe to become an entertaining watch.

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Source: James Gunn

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