Emmy award-winning series Ghostwriter returns for a third season with an entirely new cast and a new adventure! We sat down with the cast and crew to talk about the third season.

Interview with Ghostwriter S3 cast

To kick things off, we chatted with the new cast members leading Ghostwriter‘s third season. Check out our full interview with Princess Mapp, Daire McLeod, and Nour Assaf below.

Interview with the director and producer

Ghostwriter was developed for television by J.J. Johnson and Emmy award-winner Andrew Orenstein. Academy Award-winning and DGA Award-nominated Luke Matheny directs the first episode.

When asked about what they felt was the reason the show has resonated with fans, Orenstein responded, “Well, I think it’s a great formula of mysteries. We worked really hard to get these cliffhangers at the end of these arcs. So I think that kids like trying to solve the mystery, which is not a simple mystery. Plus the kind of formula of mystery, friendship, and real-world issues. And then also, there’s a lot of fun with characters that come here to help you.”

“With this new season we were able to reinvent the show in some ways, where we kept this core mystery but then added these new actors and new ghosts,” added writer, producer, and lead director on the series Matheny. “It gave us more opportunities to take the show in directions we hadn’t thought of when we first started out.”

Check out our full interview with Orenstein and Matheny below.

About Ghostwriter Season 3

Starring Princess Mapp, Nour Assaf, and Daire McLeod, Ghostwriter is a reimagined version of the 1992 hit series from Sesame Workshop. This modern-day Ghostwriter tells the story of a ghost who haunts a bookstore and releases fictional characters into the real world, a group of friends works to solve a mystery surrounding the ghost’s unfinished business.

Ghostwriter season three premiered on October 21 exclusively on AppleTV+

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