So you know The Expanse season 6 is also going to be the final season, right? Well, Amazon and Prime Video know this too. So why else would they ramp up the hype with the last official trailer? Check it out below:

The Expanse Season 6: Launch Details

In space, no one can still hear you make things go boom.

Along with that official trailer above, Amazon and Prime Video also give us more details about how they will release The Expanse season 6. The first episode of this sixth and final season will premiere on Friday, December 10, 2021. From that point, a new episode will drop every week for the next six weeks before culminating in an epic series finale on January 14, 2022. This gives this last season a total of…6 episodes? Really? Are they serious about wrapping everything up in only six episodes? I guess? Hopefully, they won’t leave too many plot threads hanging loose.

As for where you can catch The Expanse season 6, well, this is a Prime Video exclusive. That means if you want to watch it, then you’ll have to cough up the cash for a Prime Video subscription. If you already have an Amazon Prime or Prime Video subscription, though, then you’re all set.

The Expanse Season 6: More Details

The Expanse season 6 key art.
Ah, six rings for six episodes. I get it now.

The Expanse season 6 continues to be produced by Alcon Television Group. This final season will also see stars Steven Strait, Dominique Tipper, Wes Chatham, Shohreh Aghdashloo, Cara Gee, Frankie Adams, Keon Alexander, Nadine Nicole, and Jasai Chase Owens reunite for one last space hurrah. The official synopsis from Amazon and Prime Video below gives us some tantalizing details about the plot:

“This season of The Expanse picks up with the solar system at war, as Marco Inaros and his Free Navy continue to launch devastating asteroid attacks on Earth and Mars. As the tensions of war and shared loss threaten to pull the crew of the Rocinante apart, Chrisjen Avasarala makes a bold move and sends former Martian Marine Bobbie Draper on a secret mission that could turn the tide. Meanwhile in the Belt, Drummer and what’s left of her family are on the run and hunted for betraying Marco. And on a distant planet beyond the Rings, a new power begins to rise.”

Source: Amazon Prime Video YouTube