We went through the whole gauntlet of “when is Mephisto showing up?” with WandaVision. Now, it’s a meme to declare that any villain that doesn’t have solid backstory to be Mephisto in a Marvel Disney+ series. However, a new report might actually give us the first indication that the devilish villain will be showing up in the MCU and he’ll be played by Sacha Baron Cohen. According to Deadline:

“There has been talk on the set about Cohen being part of Ironheart, likely playing Mephisto. Reps for Marvel and Cohen have refused to comment on any Cohen involvement in Ironheart or the larger MCU.”

Ironheart seems like an incredibly strange place to debut the character. However, with these kinds of matters, usually, radio silence from both ends means something is up. Sacha Baron Cohen is most known for his documentary/mockumentary-style movies like Borat and Bruno. The report goes on to state that he’ll also be showing up in other MCU projects like Agatha: Coven of Chaos. That would be a much more normal place to see Mephisto. He’s one of Marvel Comics’ most powerful villains, so him showing up multiple times makes sense.

We’ll have to keep an eye on this story as it develops and if we get official word on the casting from Marvel Studios.

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Source: Deadline

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