On Day 1 of NYCC 2022, I had the opportunity to sit down and speak with the cast of big city greens, the Disney Channel’s #1 cartoon series.

Co-Creators and Brothers Shane and Chris Houghton (the voice of Cricket Green)

THS: Big City Greens is the #1 cartoon on tv right now how does that make you feel?

CH: It’s a trip, to see your little stories and for fans to really connect with them, the whole experience is surreal!

SH: It’s a good form of therapy, I can work thru my issues and put them out there for the world. It’s a vehicle for us to take our frustrations and things going on for people to relate to.

THS: how much of cricket is inspired by the two of you?

SH: Cricket is based on Chris. But as we go along there are days when we are feeling more like Bill or Grandma, which helps as a writer. but as a whole, our entire team from board artists to writers brings something to the table. If it feels honest and right it goes in.

THS: When you were casting voice talent what was it like?

SH: It’s got to fit its got to feel right. Chris even auditioned for Cricket.

CH: I wanted to make sure I was even the right fit too. we auditioned HUNDREDS of Crickets. Ultimately it came down to the fact that the character was so close to us that it made sense.

THS: Speaking of voice talent you’ve had such a long list of guests whos your dream guest?

SH: Jack Black or Steve Martin

CH: Steve-O, he has such a great voice. We would have to make a particular character for him. Also Jamie Lee Curtis! I jokingly said for a Halloween episode. Chris’ eyes had that AHA moment on his face.

The rest of Green Family was at NYCC too!

THS: What’s it like for you to move BACK to the country?

Bj: It’s always been Bill’s dream to move back to the country, it was a natural progression. We get a whole new bunch of new and old friends, it’s a great dynamic! It’s going to be interesting!

AP: “It’s devastating for Grandma!” At least she has the Cafe and Gloria. Plus I’ll miss the cludge.

THS: What’s it like having the #1 animated kids’ show?


BJ: Yep, you need to read the papers 😉 It’s a great thing to be on a show that is so well-received.

THS: Both of your characters have evolved whats it been like for both of you?

MH: Tilly started off as an ancillary character. She was very much in her shell as the show has grown. She walks to the beat of her own drum. To quote Tilly “I have my own life” it’s been wild to see how the quiet timid gal grows.

ZR: Remy was pitched as a sheltered kid. Over the course of the show, he’s come out of his shell. A lot of the time the brothers would ask me to get away from the over-stressed character. Remy has become a rock for the Green Family.

THS: Tilly is so sweet and pure, what going to make her snap?

MH: You know my gut says that if anyone hurts an animal or family. You could see that part of her come unleashed.

THS: How much of yourself is in Remy

ZR: I’m very indecisive! Just like Remy DON’T give me options.

We want to thank the cast of BIG CITY GREENS for taking the time to chat with us during their busy NYCC 2022 schedule. Make sure you check out this heartfelt and hilarious show on the Disney Channel!

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