This morning we were treated to a mysterious video posted by John Carpenter, Scream Factory, Shout Factory, Shout Cult, TokuShoutSu, Fangoria, and plenty of other people on Twitter. It’s of the Master of Horror himself, John Carpenter walking into a theater, sitting down, and the projector flicking on. As it flicks on, the words “COMING SOON” appear on-screen and they turn green. After that, it sounds like the roar of Godzilla or another movie monster. That’s it.

So, what does that mean? Carpenter is a fan of Godzilla, but people are speculating a wide range of options for what this could be. Is it the mysterious Godzilla vs. Gorgo film that Carpenter made early in his career? I have no idea about the likelihood of that. That would make sense considering the Godzilla roar, but that’s a short film, not a full-length film, apparently.

What about a Godzilla documentary with John Carpenter involved and possibly narrating? That seems like it would be the most likely option. Carpenter is a gargantuan fan of all things monsters and Godzilla, so it would be a natural fit. Without any other indications, there are some far-out options that this might be as well.

No, It’s Not The Carpenter Version Of Nicole Kidman’s AMC Opening Video

As much as it would be awesome to see John Carpenter do a variation on that video with horror elements, it’s very likely to be either Gorgo Vs. Godzilla or a documentary. Now, what does that mean for a release? Will we get a Blu-ray? Is it going to stream on one of the many different Shout! Factory TV channels? Who knows at this point? What is this likely not going to be? It’s probably not a new movie from John Carpenter. The Godzilla roar at the end should put anything like that to rest. If it was a new film, it would probably be from a bigger studio as well. We all know John Carpenter doing another movie would at least be big business from a horror fan standpoint.

At this point in Carpenter’s career, the Godzilla doc or short film release makes the most sense. He wants to sit at home and play video games, not being bothered, and letting Halloween sequel checks fly into his hand. However, he is still incredibly passionate about old movies and getting those movies out into the minds of fans out there.

Either way, we’ll have to see. The announcement did break Horror Twitter, so that’s always a good thing to see. Shout/Scream Factory getting together with the Master of Horror is always an exciting prospect.

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