Tell Me Lies is the latest Young Adult Series to hit Hulu. Based on a novel of the same name by Carola Lovering, the series follows a toxic relationship as a tale of warning. The series stars a lot of up-and-coming faces in order to tell this tumultuous tale.


Tell Me Lies the series expands on the books by adding characters and storylines. However, at the core of both are Lucy and Stephen, played by Grace Van Patten (Nine Perfect Strangers) and Jackson White (The Space Between).

The series begins in the present. Lucy is at her close friend’s wedding. However, she’s nervous because Stephen was also invited and this is the first time she’ll be seeing him in years. Then, the series flashes back to Lucy’s freshman year of college where we learn their story from the beginning. 


While I was only given the first 5 episodes of Tell Me Lies to view, I found myself enthralled by the story, the drama, and the chemistry. Grace and Jackson’s chemistry oozes off the screen making you believe and understand how she becomes so obsessed with him. Lucy and Stephen are in a very toxic pattern. Lucy is in love with him, while Stephen continues to play the field and manipulate those around him. Stephen seems to be thrown a bone in order to give him and his actions some sort of understanding, but sorry. He will always be trash.

Outside of Lucy and Stephen, the cast of characters helps set the stage for the drama, as well as the mystery. In Tell Me Lies we also meet Stephen’s good friends Wrigley (Spencer House), his little brother Drew (Benjamin Wadsworth), and their best friend Evan (Brandon Cook). We also meet Lucy’s roommate Macy, Bree (Catherine Missal), Pipa (Sonia Mena), as well as Stephen’s on and off again girlfriend, Diana (Alicia Crowder). 

After Lucy’s roommate, Macy, dies in what seems to be a drunken car accident more is revealed…and covered up. From what I’ve read about this from the book, this storyline will be different.


While I was only able to watch the first 5 episodes of the series I cannot WAIT to watch the rest along with everyone else. So far I’m fully invested. I hate Stephen more than I ever thought imaginable. And I truly hope the ending of the series follows the ending of the book – that I read about, I haven’t read the book.

Check out Tell Me Lies now streaming on Hulu!