The Star Wars fan base has been buzzing ever since Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau dropped a teaser reel for the upcoming Ahsoka series at Star Wars Celebration earlier this year.  Rosario Dawson reprises the titular role in live-action, of course. We also got to see Natasha Liu Bordizzo on stage to discuss Sabine Wren’s jump from animation to live-action, as well. The actress recently celebrated her birthday, and shared on social media a photo of the birthday present she received from the Ahsoka cast and crew. In doing so, it seems she’s given us a whole lot of information about the series and its cast.

Ahsoka; Natasha Liu Bordizzo; Star Wars;
Image: Nathasha Liu Bordizzo

The gift, you see, was a signed Sabine Wren poster. It is literally covered with signatures and well wishes to Natasha Liu Bordizzo from the cast and crew. The information first appeared in a Reddit sub-thread, but the folks at were kind enough to compile a list of the signers. Dawson, of course, was among them. So too was Sabine’s creator, Dave Filoni.  From there, though, the list appears to confirm a number of actors and characters for the Ahsoka series. It also (perhaps) hints that a Star Wars: Rebels voice actor is joining live-action Star Wars, as well.

Natasha Liu Bordizzo hints at cast for Ahoska series

Ahsoka; Natasha Liu Bordizzo; star wars

Also among the signers were a “Mary.” That’s likely Mary Elizabeth Winstead. We reported her addition to the cast in January. Ewan McGregor also confirmed her casting back in May. Then there is a “Ray,” likely Ray Stevenson, who we also reported would be joining the cast. So, thus far, no real surprises. One shocker, though, is Brandon Wayne. For those familiar with The Mandalorian, the grandson of John Wayne often wears the Din Djarin suit for action sequences in that series. Granted he is a stunt performer by profession. Still, his appearance here strongly suggests that Mando makes an appearance in Ahsoka.

Ahsoka; Hera Syndulla; Star Wars
Hera Syndulla appears next to Ahsoka Tano in leaked Star Wars Celebration footage. (Image: Lucasfilm Ltd)

One signature, however, is making folks wonder if Hera Syndulla herself will join Natasha Liu Bordizzo in the series. We already know from the teaser that Hera will make her official, live-action debut. (She was mentioned by name, and both Chopper and the Ghost appeared in Rogue One.) They question remains, though, of whether Vanessa Marshall will follow in Katie Sackhoff’s shoes. Sackhoff, we know, similarly played Bo-Katan Kryze in both The Clone Wars and The Mandalorian. “Vanessa” signed the poster for Natasha. Could Marshall be taking the same rout as Sackhoff?

Ahsoka comes to Disney+ in the Spring of 2023.