Hasbro keeps the lightning striking with the announcement of their 3 MMPR Morpher!

This one is inspired by the design from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie!

Powered up in YELLOW!

Going with the classic movie design, the Morpher has all the same bells and whistles as the previously released Pink Power Morpher including being EXCLUSIVE to Gamestop, with a limited quantity on Hasbro Pulse.

Speaking of Yellow…..

Beast Morphers Yellow Ranger, Zoey, gets her Lightning collection figure! Again with the standard possibility, but instead of the digital-looking blast effect we get a standard swirl.

But it’s not all about the ladies!

Koda, a fan favorite, FINALLY, gets his figure too!

Just like the rest of of the Dino Charge team, he comes with the standard morpher and saber.

Thoughts from The Grid

It’s great that we are getting another movie morpher, BUT seriously pogs? How about we get Ninja Coins? I’d rather “boogie with the bear” instead of a saber tooth tiger.

With Beast Morphers yellow it’s about time, since they dropped the boys first. I hope she doesn’t warm pegs like Devon and Ravi did in my area.

Koda… Ah Koda. They got the different shades of blue right. My only qualm is the fact the only Dino Charge Pink Ranger came with her personal weapon.

Which of these figures are going on your shelf? What other figures do you want to see announced? Let us know in the comments below!

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