There is a new show in the neighborhood… the Hulu neighborhood that is. Premiering as a Hulu exclusive, we have the new comedy series, This Fool.

What Are You Talking About Fool?

Julio's Family on the series, This Fool.

This Fool is inspired by the real-life experiences and stand-up comedy of series star and co-creator, Chris Estrada. The show focuses on the life of Julio Lopez, played by Estrada himself. He is a self-proclaiming punk-a** b****. He is a 30-year-old man who goes out of his way to make his community better. This is done by him working at a prison reform center, Hugs Not Thugs.

Set in South Central, Julio must overcome his own insecurities, his codependency with his family, and the hilarious antics that come out of that. Not to mention, his cousin Luis is out of prison, leaving it up to Julio to help him reform. These two together, an ex-gang-member and a reforming expert, make for some interesting dynamics.

Adding to the fun is Julio’s family. They are his mom, grandma, and sisters. As well as the other workers at the reform center, especially Dr. Payne. Then, we have Julio’s on and off-again girlfriend since high school, Maggie, who adds her own spice to the mix.

Why You Should Watch This Show, My Boy!

Celebrating Julio's birthday on This Fool.

This 10-episode series is definitely a must-watch. Not only is the comedy hilarious, but the situations that arise are those some of us can identify with. The comedy does not feel forced or over the top. It flows naturally and that aspect makes This Fool better to watch. Somehow, it feels different than other shows that have come out as of late.

Another aspect that makes me love the show is how I can connect to it. I grew up in South Central in a Mexican household. So, watching this show is like watching things my own family would do. The codependency especially. And the jokes or mannerisms are those I grew up with. Such as in one where Luis sings “Sapo Verde” to Julio, and it brings me back to my younger days.

It is nice to see one culture on screen. Not that we do not have our own shows, but they are not as many as we would like. To have not just the culture, but where we grew up represented, makes this show great. And, even if you did not grow up in a Mexican household or in South Central, you will find the humor in it.

The Final Takeaway

Julio and Luis on This Fool

This Fool is a funny, charming comedy series that speaks to everyone. You can connect to it in many different ways. May it be from growing up in “the hood”, being of Hispanic culture, or being stuck at one point in time. Such as Luis, who is stuck in 2005. Regardless of which way, it is a show that can speak to anyone. It will constantly have you laughing and at the same time looking forward to what is next for the characters.

No news yet if there will be a second season, but let’s hope we get one. We can keep seeing Luis reform, Julio find his voice, and if Julio and Maggie will they or won’t they? Even though the series did tie things up nicely, I believe there is room for more for us to see. Because, Luis did get lucky, but can he really change his ways? Or, can Julio stop being so scared and face his fears? Let’s hope we get to find out.

You can now stream the first season of This Fool on Hulu. Tune in to That Hashtag show for more series reviews and news.