The next patch for Baldur’s Gate 3 is out. And it has a new playable race, class, and updates.

Starting with the race, Larian added the Gnome class into the game, which is the first playable race to be added since 2020, when the game launched into Early Access.

Bard And Gnome Images

As for the Bard class, Larian has added in 2 different Subclasses for it. The first being the College Of Valour, which Larian has described as:

A combat-focused subclass, Bards of the College of Valour gain proficiencies and skills that make them hardy enough to join the frontlines of a battle while still allowing them the ability to buff and inspire allies.

As for the signature ability, the College Of Valour bards will get Combate Inspiration, which includes:

  • Inspire an ally with your valour
  • They can add a +1d6 bonus to their next Attack Roll, Ability Check, or Saving Throw
  • They can also choose to add a +1d6 bonus to the damage their next weapon attack deals, or a +4 bonus to their Armour Class for one attack

The other Subclass for Bards is the College Of Lore, in which Larian has said:

A subclass focused on spellcasting, Bards of the College of Lore seek to collect knowledge anywhere it lives, using their deft wordplay and magical abilities to confuse and debuff foes while buffing and inspiring allies.

This class’ signature ability is Cutting Words, which Larian did mention:

  • Use your wit to distract a creature and sap its confidence
  • It receives a 1d6 penalty to Attack Rolls, Ability Checks, and damage dealt until the start of your next turn

There are 97 different insults that Larian recorded to use for any occasion.

One other thing that was added for the Bard class is the ability to play musical instruments:

Musical instruments can be used by any class with the Performer feat at Level 4. Perform songs anywhere you like, but be prepared for certain NPCs reacting to your performances or even deciding to join in. If they really appreciate your musical abilities, they may decide to reward you for it.

Other UX/UI Changes

Some other UX/UI changes include minor enemies are now being grouped together in combat. You can now also watch enemies take critical ranged attacks with Killcams.

Something else that has been added is the hairstyles in the game have received an update:

2 other things that have been added are multiplayer stability and Brazilian Portuguese Localization. Now you can check out the full Patch 8 stream below for even more information: