2022: the dawning of a new era for The Munsters? The classic spooky sitcom family returns in a new film from Rob Zombie.

Described as a prequel and “reimagining” of the 1960s show, the film’s first trailer revealed the movie will focus on the budding love story between Lily (Sheri Moon) and Herman (Jeff Daniel Phillips). 

Step inside the new Munsters universe below.

The trailer sure dials up the camp, from its comedic gags to the brightly-colored costumes and set pieces. (That is, when it’s not slipping back into the classic black-and-white more familiar to fans.) Based on just the reactions to this trailer, this looks like it will shape up to be a divisive film among fans. That’s the thing with camp: it pretty much lands you the title of “cult classic” or “completely unwatchable” guaranteed. I love The Munsters, so I’m hoping this movie falls in the former category.

In addition to Sheri Moon and Jeff Daniel Phillips, The Munsters stars Daniel Roebuck as The Count / Grandpa; Cassandra Peterson (aka Elvira) as real estate agent Barbara Carr; and Jorge Garcia as Floop, a laboratory assistant who lives with kyphosis. At least two former Munsters TV stars, Butch Patrick (Eddie) and Pat Priest (cousin Marilyn) are due to make cameos too.

Unlike other Zombie films (like House of 1000 Corpses, Halloween, or Grindhouse), The Munsters won’t be a gruesome scare fest. Zombie previously revealed on his Instagram that the film would target a PG rating, which tracks with this recent trailer.

While we don’t have a specific release date yet, this trailer drop did narrow down the window. Expect The Munsters to arrive in September.

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