Lana Condor is back in her element with her new series Boo Bitch on Netflix. However, pacing issues and lack of diversity hinder what could’ve been a fantastic series.

Boo Bitch tells the story of two senior BFFs, Erika and Gia, who realized they’re about to graduate high school and haven’t made a name for themselves. So, in a last-ditch attempt to be seen they go to their first high school party. However, on the way home Erika gets hit by a truck and dies…or does she.

Waking up the next day, she realizes she has become a ghost that everyone can see. Now, she needs to live her best life, follow her dream, and figure out her unfinished business before she can cross over.


The cast of this series is incredible from the leads to the supporting characters. Lana Condor is so charming and funny I will watch her in anything. Zoe Colletti (Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark) as her bestie Gia is fantastic. The chemistry between the two is fantastic and fun. The dialogue is quippy, and I believe they’ve been besties since birth.

The parents! Usually, in a series about teens, the parents are an afterthought. However, John Brantly Cole (Outdated) and Cathy Vu (I Heart Arlo) add the right amount of ridiculousness of proud parents, while ripping us back into the reality from the absurd. 

The rest of the cast of characters from the mean girl Lea (Jami Alex), to the boy Erika is crushing on, Jake C (Mason Versaw), and their friends understood the assignment. 


Boo Bitch was originally written as a movie, but for some reason, Netflix wanted a limited series. So, rewrites were done. For me, this change was a detriment. The pacing is off, there are no cliffhanger moments, and it ruins the comedy. What could’ve been a hilarious, absurd teen movie was turned into a meh limited series that falls flat outside of the cast.

I’m also shocked to see the lack of LGBTQ+ representation. Yes, there are boys in the background of a party making out, but it wouldn’t have been difficult to make any of the supporting friends a part of the queer community. They could’ve easily made the mean girl queer. The series is also lacking in the body type diversity area as well which never sits well with me these days.

Representation matters. Netflix is usually better than this.

Boo Bitch begins streaming on Netflix Friday, July 8th, 2022! Check it out and let me know in the comments below what you think!