Stranger Things 4 has been a true phenomenon for Netflix. The series is in its fourth season, and the season went up a whole different level when it comes to action, horror, and stakes. It’s not just Hawkins, Indiana that’s at stake, it’s our entire world. The globe-trotting fourth season has brought us plenty of new characters as well. One such character is Eddie Munson, the heavy metal-loving high-schooler. In trailers for the fourth season, they very clearly show Eddie playing his guitar in the Upside Down. After the highly emotional episode “Dear Billy”, we learned that one’s favorite song can keep Vecna at bay before he kills them. Max’s favorite song “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush has swept the world because of the show. We all know that Eddie is going to be playing guitar in the Upside Down, but what song will he play?

Judging by some of the decor throughout the season and even Eddie’s name, we might be able to guess or speculate on what song he’s going to play to either distract Vecna, or help others escape the Upside Down. Throughout the season there are a couple of bands on display like Eddie’s Dio patch on the back of his jacket or the Judas Priest Defenders of the Faith poster on the wall. His name being Eddie is also a clue to the band Iron Maiden, as their famous mascot is named Eddie. That’s just three heavy metal legends that he could play though. Selfishly, I could just fill the list with songs from Iron Maiden and call it a day. After all, my personal “save me from Vecna” song would be “Moonchild” by Iron Maiden off their Seventh Son of a Seventh Son album.

Now as much as I’d love to include songs from the late ’80s, Stranger Things‘ fourth season is set in March 1986, so that’s the cutoff for any song to be included.

Let’s dive into the possibilities.

Honorable Mention:

You’ve Got Another Thing Coming by Judas Priest

Bark At The Moon by Ozzy Osbourne

5. Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) By Journey

Now for what I could consider the most quintessential ’80s song, “Separate Ways” by Journey. It was the music for the first trailer for the fourth season, and while it’s not heavy metal, that opening riff is pretty damn heavy. Also considering that it also has a kickass guitar solo, this one is a pretty likely choice. For those looking for something heavier, give this one a fresh listen. I can see it blasting over some sweeping shots of the Upside Down as part of a montage. It fits in with the themes of the season with love spreading across the globe and lovers reuniting. It’s almost too perfect.

4. Master Of Puppets By Metallica

Hmm, doesn’t the title “Master Of Puppets” sound a LOT like what Vecna is doing? Also, guitar sleuths out there have theorized based on the location of Eddie’s hands on the guitar that the song he’s playing is “Master of Puppets” by Metallica. The album came out on March 3rd, 1986, so it fits the time frame. And of course, the song is among the most popular, influential, and powerful of any heavy metal track out there. It’s just icing on the cake that it fits with the themes of the season. Add to it, the somber tone of the middle section of the song right before the solos kick in, and you’ve got an excellent choice.

3. The Final Countdown by Europe

Europe’s 1986 track “The Final Countdown” has been meme’d to death. However, this song still remains epic as hell. This is the finale of a truly magnificent season of television. To be completely honest, the music sleuths have also led me to this one because the F# power chord that Eddie is playing in the very small clips we’ve seen, is the basis for “The Final Countdown”. This too, has a shred-worthy guitar solo, so it makes sense.

2. The Trooper by Iron Maiden

This one is completely selfish and I just want to see Iron Maiden get a huge bump in popularity from the show. If Kate Bush can get millions of fans overnight, so should Iron Maiden! It also helps that “The Trooper” is an immediately recognizable track that kicks at least a megaton worth of ass. It might not fit with the guitar playing that Eddie has on screen, but it surely fits for the emotion and feeling of that scene. I can only guess that Vecna is about to surround whoever is stuck in the Upside Down. You tell me, would you not want to run into battle against Vecna and the hordes of monsters after hearing this song?

1. Rainbow In The Dark by Dio

It doesn’t get much more metal than Ronnie James Dio. It doesn’t get more powerful, awesome, inspirational, and headbangingly great than “Rainbow in the Dark”. This one came out in 1983, so it fits with the parameters of the season, it once again has themes that fit with our season. El is that “Rainbow in the Dark” for Hawkins and friends, I want you to tell me that you couldn’t hear Eddie shredding along to Vivien Campbell’s legendary guitar solo here. His back patch shows just how much he loves Dio, and the show actually got that jacket from the estate of Ronnie James Dio. What better way to pay tribute to one of the greatest metal vocalists ever than by using this song. You could pick this or the title track “Holy Diver” and it would be all too perfect.

So, what song do you think Eddie will play in Stranger Things 4 Part II? We’ll all have to see when it releases on July 1st, only on Netflix.

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