Mondo, in partnership with Walt Disney Records, has announced the premiere vinyl release of Academy Award-winning composer Michael Giacchino’s score to Lightyear. This special vinyl release has been pressed on 2x 180-gram color vinyl and also features some great stunning by Devin Elle Kurtz and liner notes by Drew Taylor. This also is just the latest vinyl release by Mondo for Disney/Pixar films. Fans of Coco, Up, and Ratatouille, can also find re-stocked inventory for those 2XLP releases on the Mondo website. Lightyear – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack will be available for pre-order on June 22 at 12 PM CT on Keep reading for a look at the pressing and more details about the Lightyear score.


Music by Michael Giacchino
Artwork by Devin Elle Kurtz
Liner Notes by Drew Taylor
Pressed on 2x 180 Gram Color vinyl
Limited to one per customer. $40

Lightyear LP
Lightyear LP
Lightyear LP


The original score for LIGHTYEAR was recorded over 15 days with an 89-piece orchestra and a 39-member choir. In the midst of the COVID pandemic, sections were recorded separately in five different groups: strings, piano and harp; brass; winds; rhythm section and percussion; and choir. “LIGHTYEAR is my first Pixar film to have choir,” says Giacchino. “In order to firmly place this score and film within the world of big sci-fi flicks, I felt it was a really important element to have, during Zurg’s theme in particular.”

Adds the composer, “The main themes in LIGHTYEAR are for Buzz, the Hawthornes and Zurg. Buzz’s theme is almost always played by the brass, and it’s all about the excitement of exploring space and the nobility of that pursuit. The Hawthornes, Izzy and Alisha, also have a theme, which is more about family and about everything that brings Buzz back down to Earth. As for Zurg, his theme is just big, scary and evil. He’s the ultimate villain.”

“With Michael, you know you’re in the hands of a professional and, honestly, he is so much fun to work with that you can hear that fun in his music,” says producer Galyn Susman. “The themes that he creates have a personality in and of themselves. You hear the theme and realize he’s truly captured the essence of that character.”



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