The Iron Maiden Remastered line is a way to bring back some of the best Iron Maiden shirts ever. The line even followed vintage sizing (to a detriment). It seems like they’ve perfected the process now though, and they’ve got some new shirts to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of The Number of the Beast. Check out the shirts below, and Iron Maiden Fan Club members have exclusive access until the end of the week!

Here’s a little bit about Maiden Remastered:

Maiden Remastered is an exclusive collection of custom made, vintage reproduction of classic Iron Maiden Merchandise, giving the highest level of attention to detail to ensure they are as authentic to the original as possible.

Beast On The Road Europe Maiden Remastered

This tee is a recreation of an original tour design from the Beast on the Road tour, in support of their third album, Number of the Beast.

This tour kicked off in February 1982, and is one of Iron Maiden’s longest tours to date, playing over 180 dates in 18 countries.

The Beast Cracks The West Coast Maiden Remastered

This t-shirt was sold across Iron Maiden’s US West Coast dates in September 1982. Surfing a great white shark should not be attempted without the assistance of a qualified professional.

The Beast At Reading And The USA Maiden Remastered

This isn’t just a beastly t-shirt. It’s a time-capsule from an unforgettable moment in music history. By the time Iron Maiden headlined Reading Festival in 1982 the Number of the Beast had already smashed the the charts, and the boys would soon be back to North America for round two as part of their world-beating, record-breaking Beast on the Road tour: 180 dates, 18 countries, and 40 years later a truly legendary run.

So, which shirt are you grabbing? I’m probably getting all three, but who knows. That overstuffed closet full of Iron Maiden shirts has to stop at some point? Never!

Up the Irons.

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