Comic-Con International may be going virtual this year, but that’s not stopping companies from releasing their usual slate of SDCC exclusives. Among the first to drop were those from Entertainment Earth and Hot Wheels, much to the delight of Star Wars fans. Not only has Mattel’s Hot Wheels revealed its first exclusive, but it has also developed a whole new marketing platform to sell it. So what is Mattel offering, you ask? The Dagobah X-wing.

Dagobah X-wing
Image: Mattel

2020 was to have been a big year for Star Wars. Not only were we to have SDCC, but this was also going to be a Celebration year. Both events coincide with the fortieth anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, as well. And… both live events are cancelled. Although fans won’t get the opportunity to see the new Dagobah X-wing exclusive in person, they’ll still get a chance to purchase the limited edition homage to one of the greatest scenes in all of Star Wars beginning July 23rd.

Dagobah X-wing to debut as SDCC exclusive

As Luke Skywalker’s X-wing sank into the swamp, Yoda tells Luke to lift it from the murky depths using the Force. Luke’s reply of “I’ll try” led to one of the most iconic lines of dialogue in all of cinema: “No! Do, or do not. There is no try.” When Luke fails, Yoda deftly lifts the moss-covered star ship and sets it down at Luke’s feet. With the Hot Wheels offering, you can bring that Dagobah X-wing home for the price of $25.

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Dagobah X-Wing
Image: Mattel

Mattel will make the Hot Wheels collectible available on a new Instagram platform (@MattelCreations), a “new, direct-to-consumer platform from Mattel that will feature limited editions and collaborations between pop culture artists.” The platform’s launch coincides with the opening of Comic-Con at Home, with its first offering the Dagobah X-wing.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter