When it comes to Star Wars you can never get enough. From movies and shows to Toys and clothes, if you are a Star Wars fan there is something out there for your collection. Well, thanks to Fun.com we now have more to add to that list with three pars of Star Wars exclusive shoes. These shoes pay homage to some of our favorite characters like Boba Fett, Princess Leia, and Chewbacca. These exclusive shoes run $49.99 each and are available now (Leia will release at a later date) at Fun.com. You can check out the official detail of these shoes below.

* The Grogu Shoes on the cover photo were from a previous sold-out release.

Boba Fett Unisex High-Top Shoes

It’s easy to assume that when you’re flying through the air thanks to your custom-made jetpack that bounty hunting is easy on the feet. Turns out that isn’t always true. Each planet offers up its own unique challenges and even the greatest hunter in the galaxy can find that chasing down his quarry can cause some curious issues. Did you know that there are blisters so bad on Tatooine that they have entirely unique names for them!? Fortunately, Mandalorian style meets sleek comfort when those engineers get serious. That’s how Boba Fett earned the sleek sneaks!

Star Wars Shoes Exclusives

Show off your Star Wars fandom while you’re running around the universe in these officially licensed Boba Fett Unisex High-Top Shoes. The rubber-soled shoes feature the classic off-green tint of Fett’s armor and red highlights along laced edges. Stripes, patches, and print designs give you a soldier’s edge, so while you might not be soaring around the skies, you’ll at least look as cool as everyone’s favorite bounty hunter!

Star Wars Chewbacca Unisex Low-Top Shoes

Wookiees don’t wear shoes. At least, none of the Wookiees we’ve seen in the Star Wars movies have a desire to wear shoes. It makes sense though. With all of that fur and those big paws, a pair of sneakers probably feels a little bit constricting! Us humans, though? Well, we don’t have the thick fur or the big paws. We just have naked feet and wiggly toes… and nothing feels better than finding the perfect pair of shoes. But Chewbacca is sympathetic to our needs. That’s why he’s teamed up with Ground Up to make some shoes that even a Wookiee might consider wearing!

Star Wars Shoes Exclusives

These Star Wars Chewbacca Unisex Low-Top Shoes bring you some Wookiee style for your feet! The shoes are inspired by Chewbacca during his adventure in the original trilogy. The upper layer of the shoes has multiple brown tones, faux leather, and faux suede materials to help recreate the color tones of Chewie’s fur. The shoes lace up in the middle, but they also have a strap and buckle that looks like his bandolier. The shoe provides a subtle nod to your favorite Star Wars character that you can add to your everyday wear!

Star Wars Rebel Princess Leia Women’s Hoth Sneakers (Coming This August)

Hoth is no warm-weather beach. It’s a frozen desert prone to blizzards and home to aggressive beasts. So, gearing up to defend a rebellion on the icy planet requires weather-appropriate clothing and accessories. Inspired by the incomparable Leia Organa, your white-on-white jumpsuit and vest are genius. You’ll blend right in with your surroundings while keeping protected from the chill winds and blowing snow. We see your toes are left exposed, though. We get it! You want to rebel against those clunky boots. Because despite being a similar shade of white, they detract from your style, and they’re giving you a case of cold feet! Luckily, we’re a bit rebellious too! 

Star Wars Shoes Exclusives

You’ll be ready to join your fellow rebels on planet Hoth when you order these exclusive Star Wars Rebel Leia Women’s Hoth Sneakers! Based on Princess Leia’s Hothian snowsuit, the officially licensed footwear features a white and grey color palette that makes them a versatile piece in any wardrobe. Quilted details on each side panel imitate Leia’s puffer vest and add a cozy look to the shoes. The Rebellion’s sigil is appliqued on the outer side of each shoe and marks you a member. Meanwhile, a cuff of faux fur offers a touch of warmth around the ankles in case you really do wear these geek-chic high-tops in a cold-weather climate.

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Source: Fun.com