Ever wanted a complete Halo Encyclopedia to know all about the stories and mysteries of the Haloverse? Well, Dark Horse is here to help with that, along with a certain developer.

Halo Encyclopedia: Details

Halo Encyclopedia hardcover art.
I swear that looks like the MA37 from Halo: Reach.

Dark Horse Books and 343 Industries are proud to announce the new Halo Encyclopedia. This will be a companion book to the Halo games, especially the more recent ones, and all encased in a rather nice hardcover to boot. This encyclopedia will expand on much of the lore and answer at least some of the long-standing questions surrounding it. Maybe they’ll even give us realistic masses for the warships for once.

The Halo Encyclopedia will go on sale on March 30, 2022, with a retail price of $49.99, although some outlets might offer a discount. You can preorder it right now at your local comic book shop or local bookstore. If you don’t feel like walking, though, then you can head on over to Amazon or Barnes & Noble to preorder it as well.

Halo Encyclopedia Deluxe Edition (AKA. The Shiny and Chrome Edition)

Halo Encyclopedia Deluxe Edition.
All encased in a shiny and chrome Forerunner artifact too. At least, if you want to pay extra for it.

That’s not all, though. Dark Horse Books and 343 Industries are also offering this book in a Halo Encyclopedia Deluxe Edition form. This Deluxe Edition not only has an exclusive cover and lithograph, but it also comes in a box style to look like a Forerunner cylix artifact. Now you too can feel like you’re tapping into the Forerunners’ deepest mysteries with this edition.

Halo Encyclopedia Deluxe Edition will also go on sale on March 30, 2022, except this time, the retail price is $99.99. If you want to trade a big chunk of change from your wallet for this, you can also preorder it from your local comic book shop or local bookstore. You can also preorder it on Amazon or Barnes & Noble if you don’t feel like going outside.

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