Well, looks like those rumors are true, Lady Gaga is joining Joker 2. After the film was announced last week, rumors began flying that Gaga was involved somehow with the project. Now according to our friends at The Hollywood Reporter, the singer-turned-actress is in talks for the film. Now, whether she’s going to be Harley Quinn or another character is a mystery (THR has updated saying that she would indeed play Harley Quinn). It’s unclear what they’re going to do with the sequel, but the big bomb from the report was that the sequel is a musical. Yes, you read that right, Joker: Folie à deux will be a musical.

The first film was no sure thing for Warner Bros but ended up being much bigger than they anticipated. So now, it’s assumed that Phillips has pretty large swaths of creative freedom to work with on the upcoming film. We’ll have to see how it all turns out when it releases. There’s no release date and other details about the film are under wraps.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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