Bob's Burgers

Once upon a time, the Belchers were headed to the big screen. Director Loren Bouchard hopes one day soon, they still will.

Popular adult animated series Bob’s Burgers, now airing its eleventh season, created a full feature-length film. It scheduled a theatrical release for July 2020. 

And then the pandemic hit. Theaters closed. And the Belchers’ big-screen dreams were abruptly cancelled.

But series showrunner and film director Bouchard promised it’s not the end of the line for your favorite burger-flipping family just yet. Though other films have shifted to streaming releases, Bouchard still wants Bob’s Burgers to head to theaters.

“We talked about [streaming] as it pertains to the movie and we decided we really want the movie to come out in theaters because Bob’s is already on TV,” Bouchard told Entertainment Weekly. 

But no matter how much Bouchard and the team want fans to see the Bob’s Burgers movie, safety is still the biggest concern.

“Of course, we want everyone to be able to safely see it in movie theaters. We don’t want anyone to put themselves at risk. But assuming there’s a point at which everyone can go back to theaters safely, we’re excited about Bob’s the movie being seen in the theater, in the dark with other people, because that’s something we’ve never been able to do before. That’s the main course that we’re delivering to people, in this case,” said Bouchard.

Belchers on the Big Screen

The core cast of Belchers all crop up in the film, along with some other familiar faces. Bouchard describes the film as “a unique beast unto itself in a lot of ways.”

The pandemic also deprived us of a little extra Belcher musical content. The original theatrical release plan included dropping a Bob’s Burgers short paired with other films. (Similar to how a short for The Simpsons aired ahead of Pixar’s Onward.) Now we’ll have to wait to watch the Belcher kids sing “My Butt Has a Fever.”

For now, the new theatrical release date for the Bob’s Burgers movie is April 9, 2021.

Source: Entertainment Weekly