Mighty Morphin 20 has just hit your LCS’s shelves and boy, does it have something for everyone! Humor, Heart, and Heartbreak! It makes perfect sense why Mat Groom has picked up the pen! THE CHARGE TO 100 is going strong!

Sneaking into the Lion Galaxy’s Den

Have to pull a fast one on the King Vieron. Alpha gets to flex his acting chops! some perfect classic MMPR humor. almost to the point, you could hear internally the Bulk and Skull theme. While Tommy, Aisha, and Alpha, excuse me Master Fivor, distract the King. Kim and Adam infiltrate the planet and finally get to the Eltarian Outpost. The exact duplicate of the one on Earth, just a little less blown up. But the majority of the Planets residents were non-combative, save for a few guards doing their jobs, it was a piece of cake.

Kimberly points out how well the Stone Canyon kids have done jumping into the team dynamic. Conversely, it makes Kim think about how replaceable she is. Adam attempts to calm her thoughts but Billy Interrupts and the team is ready to hopefully teleport back to Earth and pull the ol’ switcheroo.

Who’s back up to who?

While five of our rangers are off-planet to switch out command centers. Rocky and Matt were left to defend the planet from King Aradon. The whole time the plan is just to bide time for the rest of the team to show up. The Red and Green Rangers are doing their best. Rocky is getting discouraged, and down on himself. Matt not only gives him one HELL of a pep talk but the NEW DRAGON SHIELD and his DRAGON DAGGER! Rocky full-on goes to town on the would-be robot king till the team shows up with the new command center and he runs scared.

In the “new” command center everyone is saying their various thank yous. Even Matt humbly says that he was there to be Rocky’s backup. You know these two runs are running in parallel and I know I glanced over the hard fact that Jason got the phone call about his mother passing. But seeing it from the other side of the phone makes it hit harder because we knew it was coming.

Thoughts from THE GRID

This issue gave characters time to shine! Alpha was killing it in his disguise, makes you think what voice was he using? What did you hear in your head? Kimberly and Adam infiltrated the new command center perfectly. Their back and forth makes you think are we setting up Kat sooner rather than later? The Ranger Slayer joke….. Too Soon lol

At the end of the day, this issue was Rocky’s issue! In a recent interview with Steve Cardenas, we spoke about Rocky finally getting his time to shine. Especially now that we have both White and Green rangers the Red ranger was kinda second fiddle. But having Rocky realize that he isn’t just a replacement for Jason but rather a worthy successor and to build up Armoring up with the Dragon Sheild was excellent plus it was a stunning one page by Moisés Hildago and the bold powerful coloring from Raúl Angulo, made you feel it coming off the page. Not to mention Eleonora Carlini and Raul Allens’ very red covers!

Coming back to using the Lion Galaxy as a plot point was hilarious! I wonder if the command center is covered in; NINJA STEEL!

With Jason coming back to Earth this will leave the Omegas without a Red Ranger. How that remains to be seen is a mystery and I’m ready to CHARGE TO 100!

All but the Raul Allen cover come as FULL ART VARIANTS and you can of course get them at your LCS.

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