*WARNING* This Contains Spoilers For Obi-Wan Kenobi Episodes 1 And 2

You wouldn’t want the Inquisitors after you, so go watch Kenobi first.

That is exactly what Kenobi should be. The Disney+ series might be a story that we all somewhat know how it ends, how we get there is the important part. If those first two episodes are any indication, Kenobi is in fantastic shape. We got nods to plenty of other series, including some very Blade Runner-esque cityscapes, and of course the most feisty version of Leia that we’ve seen this side of A New Hope. It might come as some surprise that the supposed big bad Grand Inquisitor met his end at the hand of Reva. That just makes the series that much more interesting.

Reva is blinded by her pursuit of Kenobi so much that she gets on the bad side of her brother, the Grand Inquisitor. Well, how is she going to feel when Darth Vader is on her case. The ending of the episode teased that return and it also teased what we all wanted the most out of the series, seeing how Obi-Wan has dealt with the last 10 years.

If it’s anything like the show has given us, it’s not well. He’s a shell of himself, but even through that, the glimmer of the old man he used to be is still there. Through all the guilt, the pain, and the lack of confidence, he shines through. That is what this series is about. That is what we all want to see. Alec Guinness’s portrayal of Obi-Wan was still much like that, but he was eager to show Luke the Force.

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Obi-Wan started off in a much different way than I was expecting. It was easy to see from the trailers that we’d get some day-to-day life stuff from Obi-Wan, but kicking it off with the Inquisitors hunting a different Jedi was perfection. It showed us the power dynamic between the group, and just how disjointed they are. Reva wants Obi-Wan to bring back to Vader. The Grand Inquisitor wants to hold his power and reign her in. We all saw how that worked out for him. Now that he’s gone, the wild card in the situation is Vader. On one hand, there’s nothing more that Vader hates than to look bad. On the other hand, he’s been known to enjoy squabbling between his subjects.

Who knows where he’ll stand when we see him again in the next episode or two. His reaction to Obi-Wan being alive might be even better though. That whole ending sequence of Episode Two was absolutely pulse-pounding. The way that Deborah Chow took her sweet time building up to the moment where Obi-Wan used the force was masterful. When he finally ignites that lightsaber, it’ll be such an awesome moment.

Overall, this was a great start for Kenobi though. The acting was pitch-perfect, all the performances exceeded expectations. Kumail Nanjiani was so expertly cast and performed. His character was your classic smuggler/scum but Kumail gave it that extra bit of charisma and charm. I hope he shows up more in the series.

Finally, it’s so wonderful to have Ewan McGregor back as Obi-Wan. He deserves this chance to get back to a character that he very clearly loves. We as an audience, deserve to see his excellent performance.

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