Today, thanks to the Star Wars official Twitter account, we now know the new Ahsoka series is in production. We have been getting information for several weeks on casting but until now, no word on production. Though there have been rumors swirling for quite some time as to when it would begin. Those rumors can now be put to rest with today’s news that the series has started production. This is certainly exciting news for Star Wars fans.



At this time no official plot details have been revealed about Ahsoka. However, there has been plenty of speculation. A recent report in April from Comicbook, provided a potential synopsis. In this report, it seems that Ahsoka will be tracking down Grand Admiral Thrawn with the hopes of finding Ezra. Given how the character was introduced in The Mandalorian, this certainly seems to be plausible. In the episode, Ahsoka clearly was looking for a location on Grand Admiral Thrawn. The report also now appears to be correct in its statement of production beginning early next month (May).

“A new production listing seemingly confirms the production date for Disney+‘s Ahsoka, as well as giving a short synopsis for the series, which will star Rosario Dawson in the title role. The notes, which seem to confirm that the series will go into production early next month, give little in the way of a story other than recapping who Ahsoka is, and that the primary mission she is on in the show has to do with tracking down Grand Admiral Thrawn in the hopes of rescuing Ezra Bridger.”

Image: Disney+ / Lucasfilm


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