Well based on that finish, we should be getting more from Moon Knight. Hopefully, we get more from Moon Knight. Outside of some of the traditional MCU TV finishing touches, like the big final battle, and the overall brisk pace, this was an outstanding show from start to finish. I will admit that I was expecting something different based on the trajectory of the series and the ending to episode five. Although, I’m not going to complain about more action involving Moon Knight and two gigantic Egyptian Gods duking it out around the pyramids. This was not the best episode of Moon Knight, but it definitely stuck the landing. Seeing how short the runtime was, there were questions about whether or not they could conclude the series with this final episode.

Based on that ending and the credits scene, we’re getting more from this character and their personas. It also provides evidence that the times when Marc/Steven was blacking out, it was Jake Lockley taking over and murdering everyone. That was a nice touch for the finale, after seeing the snippets of Marc/Steven using their suits and different skillsets, we didn’t actually get to see them do the killing. Some might complain that we’re robbed of some action, but we got so much jammed into this 45 minutes. For a finale, this wasn’t some sort of revelatory piece of television, it wrapped up what needed to be wrapped up, and gave us something to look forward to.

The Other Characters Get A Mixed Reaction

As for the other characters, it feels like Arthur Harrow got the short end of the stick. He had so much promise going through the series as this sort of mysterious almost cult leader, and in the end, he was really just a tool for Ammit. Even the Doctor Harrow character had these shades of intrigue to him. Was he real? What was his purpose? In the end, it was in Marc/Steven’s head, but all the events did actually happen. The credits scene also didn’t show Harrow dying, just getting shot by Jake Lockley plenty of times, so he could feasibly come back. Ethan Hawke offered such a great performance throughout the series, it feels like a bit of a letdown for him to go through this final episode like this.

May Calamawy as Layla, however, got more than enough to work with in this episode. The scene with her and Taweret switching off was masterful. Calamawy played her role with such a sense of life, but also with plenty hidden away. It was a treat to see her get to kick some ass as the avatar of Taweret. She’s definitely a standout from this episode.

I cannot wait to see if it happens, Moon Knight interacting with other heroes and characters in the MCU. The whole thing about the series was that it’s basically unconnected for the most part from the MCU as a whole. To have a property in the MCU like that at this point is kind of crazy. This series as a standalone was fantastic, but the character of Marc/Steven/Jake is too good to not see how they would deal with the other characters in the MCU. The possibilities are endless.

Dying To See More From Moon Knight

Hopefully, this isn’t the end for Moon Knight, because while the finale might be the weakest episode of the show, it’s far from bad. The character has plenty to explore in this Marvel world. What Mohamed Diab and the rest of the creative crew did with this show and this character is magnificent. There’s plenty to look forward to, as long as Oscar Isaac wants to do it.

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