I have always loved the Catwoman titles, both old and new.  In fact, this new series has been a very fun ride.  It has been fascinating watching this new Selina interact with those around her and see her mindset.  The first six issues have told a wonderful story.  Not so much with #7.  I finished reading #7 and could not help but ask – Is that it?  Don’t get me wrong.  I understand some issues are slow.  Some need to be the exposition issue, but this one felt like it did absolutely nothing of interest that could not have been accomplished in a couple of pages or a few panels.

Artwork and Covers

The artwork is as good as ever, and the B cover continues to impress me.  The B covers are some of the best in all of comics right now.  They are truly gorgeous and capture a side of Selina in the process.  No where this issue fails is the total lack of substance.

The Rest of the…Pages

We get an opening scene where Selina is jewelry shopping.  The salesman helping her throws her a snarky attitude about a pair of earrings.  Selina throws back an evil look that has the salesman practically peeing his pants.  Of course, the next shot is her walking down the street wearing said earrings. Okay that is a cool little glimpse inside Selina’s mind that might be relevant later.

The next scene introduces Penguin.  That’s cool.  I haven’t seen much of him outside of the tv show Gotham.  His driver picks him up and begins driving him to the location.  Penguin has him pull over in the middle of the 405 and shoots him…..K.  Not sure why he did that, but he is Penguin.

The next page is Mrs. Creel yelling at a receptionist in a doctor’s office.  Okay…..this means we probably haven’t heard the last of her even though her story should have been dropped with the last issue.  No more to her this issue.

The next page we get a quick but touching scene of Catwoman kissing her sister goodbye before stepping out.  Touching but brief.  We then get a magnificent one page shot of Selina, flying through the air.  They really need to make a poster out of that one.

….and that’s it.  The next 8.5 pages is her fighting through Penguin’s goons until the final panel is her standing in front of Penguin as he offers her a seat.

I really hate to say it, but this is the first forgettable issue I have read for Catwoman.  I am sure she and Penguin are going to have a nasty little partnership in the next couple issues, but this issue by itself was a whole lot of nothing. This whole issue could have been edited way down and moved forward a bit more.