Turtle Beach makes the best products for gaming and communication. Whether it’s a headset, controllers, or any other gaming peripherals, they’re the best. Now the best is bringing you the lightest and easiest headset, The Recon Air Wireless Chat Communicator. It’s available today from wherever you get your Turtle Beach products. The Recon Air is designed for people with a kick-ass sound system or if you want a sleek Bluetooth headset for daily communications. It delivers high-quality inbound and outbound chat with friends and teammates. The microphone on the Recon Air is tuned for gaming to pick up voice chat loud and clear, while also canceling background noise. It has a rechargeable 10-hour battery and a reversible ear hook and swappable ear tips for maximum comfort.

There are two different versions for Xbox consoles and PlayStation consoles. Both versions are compatible with Windows PCs and Mac as well. The best part about Recon Air is the price, coming in at $39.99. You can grab it at TurtleBeach.com and other participating retailers.

Juergen Stark, Chairman and CEO, Turtle Beach Corporation had this to say:

The Recon Air is an affordable chat headset designed for gaming, as well as for staying connected with friends, family, and co-workers and making sure your voice sounds great while you talk. It’s now my go-to headset for meetings on Teams and Zoom when I travel.

Pick up the Recon Air today!

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