The season 4 trailer for Stranger Things was released earlier today. And while we have already confirmed that Robert Englund is set to be playing Victor Creel, we have a second villain in the series. Englund’s character might also be connected to him.

Towards the end of the trailer, we have a look inside of what definitely looked like the Creel house. We saw a villain connected by, what could only be described as “Skin Tentacles”. Then, we proceed to see the creature drop down from the ceiling, and you see the image of the creature below:

Now in a breakdown of the trailer with IGN, the Duffer Brothers did mention something interesting about this character: his name is Vecna. And if you know anything about D&D lore, he is one of the most powerful villains ever.

The Reasoning For A D&D Character

But with Robert Englund’s character, he lost both of his eyes. If Victor Creel is connected to him, it is possible that Vecna was able to see through at least one of, or potentially even both of his eyes.

So with that in mind, there is also the case of: does he or does he or does he not have the eye in his hand? Now in the trailer, it is really hard to confirm. And that is just because of the lighting in the background when you see him at the end of the trailer. But IGN also mentioned what he has said at the beginning of the trailer:

Your suffering is almost at an end.

Now it is not 100% clear that this Vecna is the D&D villain, but it would be interesting if it was. And if he is the villain, then Englund’s character being connected to him would make sense then as well.

But Vol. 1 of Stranger Things 4 doesn’t premiere until May 27th, with Vol. 2 coming July 1st. So we should find out soon enough who this villain is; and IF Victor Creel is connected to him or not.

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