Another hero is joining the upcoming season of DC’s Stargirl! Tim Gabriel will appear in season 3 as Todd Rice, aka Obsidian.

Todd is the son of Alan Scott (Golden Age Green Lantern) and twin brother of Jennie-Lynn Hayden/Jade (Ysa Penarejo). Todd’s arrival on Stargirl makes sense, since Jennie-Lynn revealed her mission to find her long-lost brother in season 2. 

In Stargirl, Todd has been living on the streets while searching for his sister. But he falls into the hands of The Helix Institute for Youth Rehabilitation and Mr. Bones (Keith David), who appeared in the season 2 finale of the show. Mr. Bones and the institute are determined to understand Todd’s “strange and uncontrollable shadow abilities.”

In the comics, Todd and his sister act as founding members of Infinity Inc., a group dedicated to continuing the legacy of the JSA. However, his dark powers ultimately lead him down a quest for vengeance against his father. Will Todd’s reunion with Jennie-Lynn on Stargirl ultimately bring this family drama? We’ll have to wait and see.

Gabriel’s previous credits include Better Things, Why Women Kill, and S.W.A.T. He will next appear in the indie horror film The Death That Awaits and thriller Tomorrow.

The third season of Stargirl will return to The CW this summer. However, an exact premiere date has not yet been announced. So check back to THS for more updates.

You can also stream the first two seasons of Stargirl on HBO Max now.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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