Moon Knight had its press conference on Monday with stars Oscar Isaac, Ethan Hawke, and May Calawamy, directors Mohamed Diab, Justin Benson, Aaron Moorehead, and producer Grant Curtis. The press got to ask them questions about the upcoming series and get some insight into the process behind the show. They talked a lot about what drew them to the series and particularly the creative process behind Moon Knight. Here are some of the highlights.

Oscar Isaac Hired His Brother To Help With Scenes

One of the questions to Oscar Isaac was about how the process went preparing for scenes where he’s talking to himself. His solution was to hire his brother to play the other version of himself. So if the scene calls for Marc to be talking to Steven, then it would be Oscar talking to his brother. His brother, Michael Hernandez was a stand-in for all the dual performances and was basically his acting clone.

Ethan Hawke Signed On Without Reading The Script For The First Time In His Career

Going into Moon Knight, it’s easy to see why Ethan Hawke signed on for the project. It’s not your everyday comic book property. It’s even more surprising though, that Ethan Hawke signed on for his first comic book adaptation without reading a script. Hawke made sure to bring up that the roles are basically reversed in Moon Knight. The hero is the one with the mental illness and the villain is level-headed and normal.

Give Us The Dance-Off Cut

This one is a bit silly, but it shows how much fun they were having on set. it doesn’t really give anything away about the series or the creative process, but still nice to hear.

Oscar Isaac Had Lots Of Input On The Moon Knight Suit

The Moon Knight suit might as well be an entire character in the series. It’s not like Doctor Strange’s cape or anything like that, but the difference between the characters in and out of the suit is night and day. So it’s nice to see that Oscar Isaac had a lot of creative input about how the suit should look and feel while performing.

The Show Is Set In London Because There Are Too Many MCU Characters From New York

Part of the series does take place in London, and Oscar Isaac had this to say when he asked Marvel why the series was based in London. Marc Spector is from Chicago, but his alternate persona Steven Grant is from London. London has been in Marvel movies before, but never quite like it is in Moon Knight.

To see the full picture, you’ll have to wait until Moon Knight releases on Disney+ on March 30th.

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