Beginning March 22nd, 2022 Call of Duty is making some major changes. Normally these kinds of changes come with the release of a new game, but no, these are for Season Two Reloaded. Rebirth Island is getting a makeover, new modes, and new points of interest. Call of Duty updated it all with a new blog post.

Rebirth Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

  • Rebirth Island Reinforced. Perseus’s reconstruction of their island significantly altered several points of interest, including Stronghold, and added a new one known as Dock.
  • Three Modes Given New Life. Payload, Blood Money, and a new Resurgence Solos mode will be featured in weekly playlists alongside classic Rebirth modes.
  • Get Weapon Blueprints, Tons of XP, and New Features. The Rebirth Reinforced Event offers rewards for the entire community, including Weapon Trade Stations and in-game events for Rebirth Island.

This is the biggest map update for Rebirth since its release. The new areas to explore are: two ships docked on either side of the island, Stronghold is completely revamped, Prison has seen some reinforcements, and even the Water Tower got a paint job.


As the lowest-lying point of interest with few multistory buildings, the Security Area may not have been the most popular drop spot on Rebirth Island when it was first introduced. However, with Perseus’s reinforcement project, this area – now known as Stronghold – features two new structures that could shake up the island’s meta.

The first is an extended checkpoint gate, complete with a set of garages, an administrative building, and a walkway over the main booth. Expect to find plenty of Supply Box and item spawns, as well as opportunities for close-quarters engagements.

The other is a radar building (replacing the lone communications tower) on a raised circular concrete platform. Towering over the security area, this comms station includes an observational deck with great sightlines out to the Base Camp and Living Quarters areas to the northeast.

Supply Ships

Over dangerous waters at the Factory and the helipad near the Control Center, two large supply ships have arrived.

With no crew in sight, Operators can explore the top and bottom decks of these ships for items and Supply Boxes. One of them is just outside the main Nova 6 Factory. The other is in a brand-new point of interest: Dock, which extends the concrete helipad near the Construction Site out to the cargo vessel.

Both ships can be accessed by walking across the gangplank, via parkour across shipping containers, or by flying down from nearby structures, such as cranes.

Fight from these areas by climbing up to the ship’s accommodation or by taking a risky ascent to more exposed higher ground, which could offer better sightlines to adjacent areas on the Docks or the northern Lookout area.

Prison Gets More Cover

The revamped Stronghold and docked ships are not the only changes to Rebirth Island:

Head to the main Prison Yard to see it partially reinforced and the construction materials being used on it, which can be used as cover or as platforms for jumping onto the guard wall walkways.

Operators will also notice a completely repainted water tower with Perseus’s flags flying proudly off its sides.

Those looking for height across the island can find that Caldera’s Redeploy Balloons made their way to select spots around Rebirth Island. They are functionally similar, albeit with a shorter ascender cable to properly balance how much ground one can cover with them across the island.

There are plenty more places and features to explore on Rebirth Island following the update… but that’s up to you to find out!

Three New Modes To Play Around With On Rebirth

The three new modes added are Rebirth Resurgence Solos, Rebirth Payload, and Rebirth Blood Money. Right off the bat, Rebirth Resurgence Solos sounds interesting. Players start with their Rebirth meter already active. This means you have a free life to play around with before you need to hunker down and try to win. Earning score around the map gives you extra Respawns.

Rebirth Payload and Blood Money both act like other modes we’ve seen before in Warzone. Blood Money is a variant of the popular Plunder game mode. Payload is a team-based mode where Operators escort or attempt to stop trucks traveling across the map. This one is 12v12 and allows for three full squads on a team.

New Blueprints And Seasonal Unlocks

The Rebirth Reinforced Event brings a community-based experience where the player’s actions on Rebirth influence the rebuild by Perseus. Operators who complete all the objectives during the event get a Legendary LMG blueprint “Toxic Heavy”, custom configured for mid-to-long range fights.

If the entire community earns enough kills during the event, everyone who participated automatically receives 25,000 XP and unlocks the use of Weapon Trade Stations on the island.

Weapon Trade Stations allow an operator to give up their weapon for a lesser quality one, but with additional items like Cash, equipment, armor, satchels, self-revive kits, killstreaks, or even the vaunted Specialist token.

There are three more Community Challenges planned including Communication Stations, Armored Transport Vehicles, and [[REDACTED]].

Call of Duty: Vanguard Gets Some Fun Too

  • New 12v12 Mode. Trek across the Alps to capture or take out bases to dominate the enemy, building your Loadout with Cash earned from eliminations and objective play.
  • Explore the Alps with New Vehicles. Call in Motorcycles, CD12 Transport Vehicles, and Tanks to travel across the snow and ice between bases.
  • Climb to the Top with New Rewards in Ranked Play. Treyarch delivers the Top 250 Skill Division and Leaderboard, new Season Two rewards, and party & menu updates for competitive fans.
  • Zombies Gets New Covenants, Dedicated Server Pause & More. Treyarch is set to introduce Critical Expertise and Explosives Expert Covenants, plus additional updates for Vanguard Zombies.

Snoop Dogg, New Weapons, Camos, And Operators

  • Complete Task Force Yeti with Gustavo Dos Santos. The Brazilian agent will arrive as part of Season Two Reloaded. Pick him up for the squad and get those shiny Gold and Platinum threads for Task Force Yeti.
  • Wield the Armaguerra 43. Build an effective CQB (close-quarters battle) or mid-range Loadout with this free new weapon.
  • Pro Pack, Boston Breach CDL Pack Hit the Store. Also: get #IntoTheBreach and rep Boston with this CDL Pack.
  • “What’s my [[REDACTED]] name?” The one Operator who never hesitates to put anyone on their back is dropping into Vanguard and Warzone close to one of his most favorite holidays.

Armaguerra 43 Details

Very high rate-of-fire SMG. Effective at short to medium range engagements.

Only produced in small quantities, this advanced submachine gun gave insight into how modern CQB armaments could function, even though its design was never built upon in the decades to follow.

Compared to all other Vanguard SMGs with no attachments, the Armaguerra 43 is the fastest-firing weapon in its category. Its effective range is surprisingly great — better than other fast-firing SMGs — but its high recoil and low damage might make it tough to engage far-out targets without any attachments.

Thankfully, there is the Gunsmith: bring the Armaguerra 43 here to kit it for engagements ranging from extreme CQB to long-shot territory, especially by customizing its barrels and magazines.

Want to bump up its damage and rate of fire? Or tame that recoil to more manageable levels? This weapon can be tailored to a variety of skill levels — master it and its unruly recoil to unlock its powerful potential across Vanguard Multiplayer and Warzone.

The Armaguerra 43 can be unlocked in one of two ways: through an SMG-based challenge or via Store Bundle to be released later this season, which features a Weapon Blueprint from this weapon’s family.

All these changes and more make Season Two Reloaded into a can’t miss event for Call of Duty. Drop-in with Vanguard on March 22nd, and Warzone on March 23rd.

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